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Poem Tryouts: Image Potluck

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chariot VBGbQBU

Hello, all. I see we in the U.S. seem to be under a heatwave. I can hardly complain, given the mild summer up ’til now. However, it can feel free to go away. Today we have our monthly image prompt — I hear the cheers. I know you love the images. An image can be freeing or constraining, depending on how you approach it.

Now, I had promised a pot luck day, today, so you may happily browse the Net for a painting, or a photograph that yells ‘Helloooo!” as you go by. Or, you can look at the photograph I will post for those with no Net time this week and see what it sparks.

Things to remember when using an image as inspiration: The poem does not have to bear any apparent relationship whatsoever to the image that inspires it. In fact, people don’t even have to know your inspiration is an image. Having said that, it’s fun to see from where people are drawing their poems, so consider posting your image.

You don’t have to write about the whole thing. One aspect of the whole might fascinate you. Write about it.

When you study your image, start at the bottom left corner and move to the upper right. It’s the way our brain assimilates images.

If you give the piece a close study, I have found that listing everything I see helps me be consciously aware of all the image is composed of, to include placement and light.

The photograph I am posting comes from my California brother, just yesterday. I felt an immediate emotional connection, which is one reason it’s going up. The subject is a Thracian chariot that has been dug up in Bulgaria. I find it fascinating. Click on it to receive a full-screen image.

I shall see you Thursday for links and Tuesday for our first September prompt [September!].

Happy writing, all.


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