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Friday Freeforall: Roundup Time

9:51 am — Atlanta

Hello all. I’m a little late getting started, but I should probably be easing you into my summer schedule which, because I move a couple of time zones away, will be later for eight weeks. I will warn you when we reach that point.

We are back to our normal listing of the week’s exercises and prompts and will start with The Poetry Tow Truck. Remember that if you like the prompt and want to post a poem in response that you have to be quick about this one, because a new prompt goes up tomorrow. Donna says: If you are reading this, then poetry is probably a part of your life that could not be replaced by anything else. But have you ever told poetry how you feel about it? You know you want to read the rest of that prompt. Head on over to the Tow Truck.

Next we have Carry on Tuesday with a line from Shakespeare: All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players. Visit Carry on Tuesday to get the link and read the line in context, in case your Shakespeare is a little rusty. It’s a fun metaphor to play with and you can use part, or all, or riff off the metaphor.

The first of our single word sites is Sunday Scribblings which offers us cake in honour of the royal wedding. The second is One Single Impression with border. You will want to visit the site to read the accompanying poem.

And, the first of our image prompts can be found over at Scribble & Scatter. Remember that Susan May James offers a chance to submit any poems, to accompany the photos in a book that will come out at the end of the year. Head for her site to see the images and read more about the book.

Yay! Big Tent is back to its usual show. They suggest focusing on revision this week, especially in light of how many people wrote poems during April. But, they wouldn’t be Big Tent without a twist. You will have to visit the big top if you want to know what it is, but you know it will be good.

And we have Jingle Poetry back in the lineup with Doubts, Fears, Inhibitions and Hesitations with an accompanying video and if you like a look ahead, next week will be Color, Spring and Rainbow. Visit their Poetry Potluck to watch the inspirational videos that always accompany their prompts.

Even if you don’t use images as prompts, visit Magpie Tales to see the painting. For those unused to using images, try looking at the picture and without thinking, or making judgments, jot down every single thing you see. Then leave the picture and look at your notes and fill in what isn’t there.

For those who participated in the A to Z challenge and are missing your alphabet, or those who didn’t participate but enjoy this site, visit ABC Wednesday, even if it’s just to read their alliterative intro. Here is part of it: POLITICS! Everywhere here in Canada the talk has been nothing but POLITICS. Monday, May 2nd was our national election and there was a lot of controversy about it. The Liberal and New Democratic PARTIES overthrew the government, forcing an election, and most of the country was horrified. After all, it’s the fourth national election in seven years! Usually, the PRIME MINISTER is in POWER for four years, just like the American PRESIDENT. For more information about our POLITICAL scandal click here.

We have an interesting combination of words over at Three Word Wednesday: grace, jitter, and thin. You will need to visit them for the definitions because they use a particularly good dictionary for their definitions and I find that often takes the prompt in unusual directions.

I love the prompt for We Write Poems [I know: I always love their prompts]. We are asked to try our hand at a cento, one of my favourite things to do. In fact, it is on my list for Tuesday Tryouts in a couple of weeks. Visit the site and try your hand at a cento. If you have as much fun writing one as I do, you won’t mind writing another.

Robert at Poets United is having fun with this week’s prompt. Write about toes, he says. he has a lot more to say about them, but you will need to visit to find out what…and how can you resist? I mean, toes!

Yes, you had forgotten the usual list was that long. And I don’t have a couple because they aren’t back in from April’s madness. But it felt good to visit the usual sites and to share them with you. If you know anyone who would enjoy these, click on the buttons below.

Have a wonderful weekend. I shall see you Tuesday…you will have to come along to find out what we are doing. Next Thursday, I will be carrying out my duties as a Versatile Blogger [that’s right: the break from words to avoid will be a little longer]. And, we all know what happens on Fridays.

Happy writing everyone.


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Thursday Thoughts: Being Thankful and Paying Forward

8:40 am — Atlanta

I promised you a break today, dear readers. No more haranguing on words to avoid…until next Thursday. And I was going to share with you some bookmarkable sites, but have had to shift my focus a little because of a number of things that happened this past week.

The Big Poetry Giveaway is over and I won four of the many I entered, so that winging their ways towards me are five poetry books. I am excited, as [except for one] these are poets I have not read, but are well-spoken of. New poems to read. Delicious.

You may have noticed, or not, that I have two new badges on my sidebar. The one for 50 favourite blogs in poetry, I stumbled across accidentally. I was interested in the title when I spotted it on someone’s blog, and curious to see whether I could find still more blogs to follow, because, of course, I don’t have enough already. I make my way down the list and am stunned…gobsmacked…speechless…you get the idea…to see my name and blog listed. Not that I don’t think I have a good blog, but there are many blogs out there and mine has not been around that long. I gave you the link in case you too are curious and do not have enough blogs to follow.

And, I was honoured, recently, by being nominated for the Versatile Blogger award by Eric Quinn, of the blog The Rag Tree. I was stunned by the award and what he says: From Hong Kong with insight, this teacher avoids all the clichés: neither pedantic, boring, nor burned out, she carries on the craft she has practiced for decades. This blog is a clearinghouse of information on writing, poetry, prompts, giveaways, style, tips, and ideas. And all of it wonderfully, logically organized… a labor of love. Anyone who practices even a few of her exercises will benefit enormously. A++ I got quite teary. He reached me in my soft spot — he graded me! No, his words on my teaching, which I realised some weeks ago, I have carried from the classroom to my blog, were what touched me the most. I haven’t retired it seems.

Then I read the rules and had minor panic attacks. Oh yes, strings come with this award, hefty ones. Here are the rules:

1.    Thank the person who honored you and give a link to their blog: Okay, did this when I responded to Eric’s blog post. Coming from him this is an honour.

2.    Tell 7 random facts about yourself. What? Wait…I’ll get back to this.

3.    Pass the award to 15 new-found bloggers. Wow! Fifteen bloggers I want not only to give the award to, but to unleash them on you, dear readers. I’ll get back to this. Although, if I could I would reaward The Rag Tree. While, his blog is not new-found to me, it might be for many of you. And it is the most versatile blog I have seen. Not only that, but the writing is worth reading both from the point of content and style. Where else can you find someone holding forth intelligently and cogently on astronomy, linguistics and Gilgamesh? And, he writes poetry.

4.    Contact each blogger onto whom you pass the award and let them know. Okay, seems the polite thing to do in case they do not wish to be unleashed. The logistics might be interesting. Must ask Eric how he went about this.

5.    Let the giver of the award know you accept it or not. I believe I said: Oy! There are rules? For nominees? Just checking…but I do accept, formally.

I notice sharing this with you has taken an entire blog post. It looks to me like you might get another Thursday reprieve. I owe you seven random facts about myself. Crikey! And I must scour my collection of blogs for 15 to unleash, or, rather, nominate.

I will see you tomorrow for prompts roundup. I saw some fun ones for us to play with. On Tuesday I have a fun exercise while you are recovering from ballad writing. You are all writing ballads, yes? Happy writing.


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