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Poetics Serendipity

7:36 a.m. — Atlanta

Listening to Judy Collins (doesn’t that take some of us back!) singing Both Sides Now

Hullo, everyone. Are we ready for some looking around? I’m diving deep into my archives. Back in a moment. A long moment. It’s 8:08. What’s that? Um, sometimes I know the links ahead of time. Not knowing adds a certain piquancy to my task.

1] Patrick Ross, who keeps the blog The Artist’s Road, one which we have followed here for many years, offers MFA Nugget: An Entire Residency in One Tasty Bite, a wealth of information on what he has learned over the past four years. You can pick and choose, read all now, come back later, but you will learn a lot about writers and writing, and not have to leave your house, apartment, office, cave…

Hmm. 8:41. I keep stopping to read stuff. 2] How about an article that includes a video? I adore the title, What is Your Lizard Brain Telling You Today? by Lisa Rivero. Ignore the date. I told you I was going into the depths. I have quite a vault. Lisa speaks to that part of us that says: “Nope. Not good enough to submit. Nope, not yet. Nope. No-one will read it”. She includes a talk, Quieting the Lizard Brain by Seth Godin who says, ‘The genius part is getting the lizard brain to shut up long enough’.

3] Aiee! 9:20. I keep distracting myself. Final piece, How To Deal with Conflicting Critiques by Jennifer Blanchard. I don’t know if, when you ask people to comment on a poem, it drives you nuts when the advice/suggestions seem to come from polar directions. It’s not something that bothers me, but I can see it bewildering someone. Blanchard has good points and the article is short, if you resist her links (save them for a down moment). The image at the top of the article does not show on my computer. If it doesn’t show on yours, click it. I had a good laugh.

I think we had better stop there, or it will be lunchtime, and I haven’t had breakfast. These three are meaty and will keep you going for a while. I shall see you tomorrow for the roundup of prompts; Tuesday for found poetry; and next Thursday for more links to things.

Happy writing, everybody.


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Your Serendipity @ Thursday Thoughts

7:57 a.m. — Atlanta

Listening to You Got to Me Neil Diamond

We have a couple of sites, two with longish reads, worth reading, so I may keep the places to visit down to three, this week. If three is a more manageable number for you, tell me. I am happy to post three a week [if I have three]. I am also going to talk about next Thursday, when we might have a topic post.

1] The first article, by Jo Eberhardt, is featured in WordPress’ Freshly Pressed, which is how I came across The Happy Logophile. She has an intriguing title for her post, so I stepped over to check. What she has to say about reviews and reviewers is fascinating [and stunned me — but in a world of paying for high school essays, I don’t know why]. She starts with: Up until a few months ago, I didn’t realise there was a seedy underbelly to publishing. But all of a sudden, I can’t seem to look anywhere without turning up odd or unpleasant behaviour from authors, publishers, or other members of the writing community.

Eberhardt gives us links to other voices on the subject [beware of Alan Baxter’s, if swear words bother you — I got a kick out of him]. The bonus is that she writes well. The article is worth a read.

2] One of the blogs I get in my inbox is Write to Done: Unmissable Articles on Writing, which has several contributing authors. The particular article I am offering is ‘A Kick in the Pants: How to Obliterate Distraction, Clear Your Head, and Finally Write What Makes You Happy,’ by Joe Pawlikowski. The title alone is worth the visit. The article is long, but well-written.

Pawlikowski’s audience is writers who get paid, but so much of what he says applies to us. Does this sound familiar: The process of distraction starts so innocently. It’s just checking Twitter a few times, and then loading Facebook. Then it mounts and builds. It’s checking my smartphone at every little notice. It’s browsing around the web, because hey, someone might have posted something new in the last three minutes. Visit him when you have a couple of minutes.

3] Finally, a talk by Seth Godin on one of my favourite topics, our lizard brains [I love just saying the phrase]. As one of his commenters says, it’s not about starting; it’s about finishing. You will need roughly twenty minutes and you can probably catch up on email while listening.

Okay, next week. I think it’s time to talk punctuation again. I did a post a year or two ago talking about what each punctuation mark does. Now it’s time to talk why punctuation. Plenty comes under the heading of punctuation. If you have something you want to be sure I cover, let me know.

I shall see you tomorrow for the roundup of prompts; Tuesday for a prompt to do with self [you should be quite warmed up on the topic]; and next Thursday for a discussion, if I have everything pulled together.

Happy writing, everyone.


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