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Thursday Thoughts: Writing Sites Worth Investigating

7:39 a.m. — Walnut Creek

Hello, all. If I sound discombobulated today, my mother and I had powerwashers, lath staplers, and hammerers working on her deck all day yesterday. In a small flat there is nowhere to hide. They will be back today to lay cement. Sigh.

I have a mix of sites to suggest and I will tell you what each does and why I have it bookmarked. Sometimes it’s for an article, sometimes a whole site. Their order is random.

Kristin Lamb, author of We Are Not Alone, says in her about page: “Kristen worked in international sales before transitioning into a career as an author, freelance editor and speaker. She takes her years of experience in sales & promotion and merges it with almost a decade as a writer to create a program designed to help authors construct a platform in the new paradigm of publishing…Most importantly, Kristen helps authors of all levels connect to their READERS and then maintain a relationship that grows into a long-term fan base.”

This may seem an odd choice, but as a blog keeper, I subscribe to a few blogs about blogging. As an industry, I find it fascinating. Kristin covers many aspects of writers and their connections to social media. If this interests you, she has a site worth investigating. If you do nothing else check out her article on the advent of Google+. It is a funny read.

This next suggestion is a post about creativity based on Brian Eno’s [musician, producer, composer] creative process. We know most of these things, but I find it never hurts to read something that reminds us: “It quite frequently happens that you’re just treading water for quite a long time. Nothing really dramatic seems to be happening. … And then suddenly everything seems to lock together in a different way.” The writer of the article goes on to distil some steps we can/should have put into practice.

9 editing Tips that Make Your Writing Sparkle is also a single post with its focus on…editing. I know. You weren’t expecting that. Again, we know most of these steps, but how many do we remember to do? Uh huh…I thought so.

This next suggestion is, again, a single post, titled Becoming a Poet. Despite having been writing for twenty years, I found the post interesting and full of details I enjoyed reading because they reflect my own path in many instances. Author of the article Robin Smith-Johnson says “I don’t have my first attempts at writing poems, but I imagine they were full of abstractions. Now I admire poems for their focus, their specificity, their honesty.  Poets pay attention to the world around them and attempt to capture their vision in words. I also liked the small scale of poems. A poem can be written on scrap paper, tucked in a pocket to be worked on later. I have boxes filled with the rough drafts of poems in various stages of revision. Sometimes I take these sketchy beginnings and use them as the starting point for a new poem.

And, my brain just died. I’m feeling lucky to have managed to introduce four, but as I have been staring at the page for several minutes with the whir of the cement mixer in the background, I think I will call it a day and go drown myself in coffee.

Do tell me if any of this makes no sense, or should a question arise. Click buttons if you know someone who would be interested in any of these sites. Send me any topics you wish me to cover. I have great fun doing reader-generated topics.

I will see you tomorrow for the roundup; next Tuesday for a new form [get ready]; and next Thursday for a discussion on freewriting.

Happy reading and writing, everyone.


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