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Your Serendipity @ Thursday Thoughts

7:36 a.m. –Atlanta

Hello, everyone. How are you? I am trying to restrain myself from breaking into raptures. I have missed you all. Still, I heartily recommend going dark on your blog every now and then. Without its pull and the amount of time and energy spent, I was able to organise my poetry, so that I have all the poems I want to redraft in one spot and I know what needs to be done with each. I did not feel frazzled and frantic during the two weeks and, yet, kept a tenuous thread spun out with The Sunday Whirl, and a couple of other things that kept me more or less in touch. Now, I am reenergised and looking at Tuesday’s Tryout with a benevolent eye.

An assortment today, starting with [1] the winners of the Poetry Giveaway. I shall be sending chapbooks from James Penha, Joseph Harker, and James Brush, to de, Barb, Sasha, Joseph [I know], and Molly Spencer.

[2] So, how many of you will be in driving distance of Wickford, Rhode Island on the 24th of June? The Origami Poetry Project is celebrating its third anniversary. One of the two poets it is honouring is James [Jack] Penha, the other, Rhode Island’s poet laureate, Tom Chandler. This was too good an opportunity for me to pass up. I haven’t seen my friend and mentor in two years [for those who don’t know, Jack opened the door to poetry for me] and I have wanted to meet the women who founded and run the OPP.

On Sunday, June 24th 2012
we ( the OPP)
will be celebrating
Three Years of Free poetry
@ the Wickford Art Galley
an afternoon of poetry honoring
two of our BIGGEST OPP supporters:

James Penha (editor: New Verse News)
& Tom Chandler (Poetic License/Providence Journal).

We have selected six poets to read that evening in appreciation of the kind contribution of these Guest Poets to the OPP.

I will be one of the six and have, consequently, been thrown into a fervour. I used to cut class if I thought I might have to stand up in front of it. I shall spend the intervening time trying to distract myself, but I am honoured. I would love to meet any of you, if you can drive out Wickford way for a couple of hours.

3] I was asked by Bob DiPasquale to mention his site, HumorQ. While it’s not our usual path, it occurred to me that maybe some of you enjoy thinking up captions for cartoons. It’s a different path for the creative brain and anything different helps the usual creative path.

4] This last may seem an odd one, but I am sold on it. How many of you find it difficult to stop for two minutes and relax, take yourself away mentally? I have this site on my top bar so when my eye spots it, I click. Would you believe:

The first time I visited, I was presented with a calming rural scene, calming music, and a calm voice doing a version of guided imagery. I followed all directions and felt amazingly refreshed. After the first time, I was allowed to choose . Mousing toward the bottom of the screen presents six choices of scene. All have water in some form, and all have movement. Whichever scene I pick, is accompanied by ambient sound. I can choose whether I want music, or the voice, or just ambient sounds. Time limits offered are two minutes and ten minutes. Right now, I am in the rushes, hearing the voice of a bird and the occasional insect. I love it. Go look.

An odd little bundle! I shall see you again tomorrow for the Friday roundup of prompts; Tuesday for a form [I am back]; and next Thursday for announcements, or thoughts.

Happy writing, all.


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