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Poetics Serendipity

9:04 a.m. — San Antonio

listening to the water drip in the kitchen

Hullo, you lot. Anybody see the Perseids this week? We had cloud cover all week. Skip and I tend to draw clouds whenever there is a meteorological event, anywhere, that there is a chance we might see. Unpacking continues. Down to books and clothes, now, not that I don’t still have piles of things sitting around. So, a little escape from the day, shall we?

1] In Literary MagNet, Travis Kurowski writes, for this month’s Poets & Writers: The landscape of literary magazines is constantly shifting, marked by numerous start-ups and closures each year, but a number of journals have managed to hang on for the long haul, and quite a few are celebrating significant anniversaries in 2015. His article goes on to discuss several of the long-timers. Even if you don’t submit, it’s an interesting read.

2] It has been a while since I have included something from Kelli Russell Agodon. I receive her occasional newsletter and tend to forget it’s often a shareable article. In Measuring Success as a Writer or Artist: A Basic Guide to Happiness, Kelli includes in her summation, Success is being part of the literary conversation and not being distracted by the parts of life that don’t add to my art. Success is writing a poem. Success is arriving to the blank page unsure if I have anything to say.

3] Here’s one for all of us with half done projects languishing in our notebooks, How to Complete Every Writing Project You Start: Become a Completion Addict, by Jessica Baverstock, for Write to Done. Baverstock explains why we leave projects before completion and lays out a brain retraining program. I figure this plays beyond finishing our writing.

Okay, I shall see you Tuesday for my prompt and Thursday for more links.

Happy writing, all.



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Poetics Serendipity: National Poetry Month — It’s Almost Here

8:57 a.m. — Atlanta

listening to Mandy Patinkin singing I’m Old Fashioned

Hello, all. I’m having a lazy morning. Skip is chaperoning a band trip for four days (I did not snicker), so my entire routine changes. Today, I’m going to list as many National Poetry Month links as I have found. The only one I can’t give you is the one in which I am participating, the Found Poetry Review’s. The link will stay private until April 1st, at which point I’ll put the link up, should you wish to follow some found poetry madness. Misky, the two Barbaras, Richard Walker, Pamela and Ros are all participating.

1] I love the first site ( which offers 30 Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month, running from ordering a free National Poetry Month poster to chalking a poem on a sidewalk to participating in Poem in Your Pocket Day. Don’t miss Ginsberg’s essay on Whitman’s ‘Leaves of Grass’.

2] Robert Lee Brewer will run his annual April Poem a Day Challenge with guest judges.

3] NaPoWriMo is one of my favourites to follow. If you head their way now, you’ll find them in the midst of a countdown where they are giving us sources and resources.

4] Kelli Russell Agodon is hosting The Big Poetry Giveaway, which starts tomorrow. I have participated several times (both as giver and recipient) and have a wonderful library of chapbooks. Visit Kelli for an explanation of how you can participate. I loved the years when I gave away books and I loved winning books. This year I will only put my name down for the drawings and I look forward to wandering through the poetry blog world adding my name to the hopefuls.

5] At the Poetry Foundation, we are told: One week from today we kick off National Poetry Month with our annual blogging extravaganza. We know, dear reader, you’ve been waiting all year to see who the 20 poets will be for 2015. Wait no longer! Join these poets in April for conversation, insight, and a celebration of our favorite art.

I will see you tomorrow for the roundup of this week’s prompts; and next Tuesday for an image prompt. Then the blog goes dark for the month of April. I think. I know I can’t run the normal blog posts and participate in writing a poem every day. What I don’t know is whether I will appear occasionally with news from the Found Poetry front.

Happy writing, all.


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5th Annual Big Poetry Book Giveaway

big poetry giveaway 2014

And you thought nothing could make April better. It’s that time: The Big Poetry Giveaway (which you will never see me call the same thing twice). Started by Kelli Russell Agodon, the Giveaway has steadily grown to about 50 or so bloggers who each give away 2 books [or more] to their readers. Some bloggers give away subscriptions to poetry journals. As Kelli says, The goal is to share our favourite poets with others as well as to visit different blogs and see who others are reading.  For more, visit Kelli’s site Book of Kells and sign up for her books.

For readers who are visiting because they are on the Big Poetry Giveaway trail, welcome. Briefly, I am a writer who thoroughly enjoys keeping a blog because of the wonderful people I meet. The blog has three purposes: on Tuesday I present an exercise which, hopefully, results in a poem; on Thursday I provide links and some editorial comment on various things poetic; and on Fridays I give a roundup of the week’s poetry prompt sites.

The rest of my time is spent writing poetry, submitting poetry, having poetry accepted and rejected, and working towards a chapbook.

The official start of the Big Poetry Giveaway is now and will last through April 30, 2014.

Leave a comment, in this post, saying you would like to win a book and your email [so I can get in touch with you if you are one of the winners of the draw], anytime before the end of April, and at the end of the month, I will randomly choose three winners and mail them out the books. I shall put reminders in upcoming posts.

Make sure you enter your email when you leave a comment and note which book you would be interested in winning if you do win [you can leave it up to me, but if you already have one of the books you might want to let me know]. I will pick three winners on May 1st.

I have a diverse collection for you: A volume of the Found Poetry Review because I like found poetry and I have a couple of poems in this volume; A Brittle Thing, a lovely volume of poems by Alice Owen Duggan; and my favourite book this year, I Am the Maker of all sweetened possum: poetry found in Scarlet Sister Mary, a book of erasures and blackouts set within visual contexts, by james w. moore.

Sound good? Well, put your name in the hat.

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Poetics Serendipity: Ho! Ho! Ho!


7:34 a.m. — Atlanta

listening to Christmas music [I warned you]


Hello, everyone. It’s another grey, wet day in Atlanta and the temperatures continue to climb. However I see a cold front approaching. [I like winter clothes, damn it.]

Today, I am giving you links to places with presents for writers. Many are specifically for the poets in your life — of course you are allowed to get them for yourself. Just tell someone you have something for them to give you. A couple are for writers, generally. I have been through the lists and want several things. So, spend a little time wandering. Those who don’t celebrate Christmas, well, there’s New Year’s. Start a tradition.

1] Let’s start with The Huff Post’s Blog and an article on Why You Should Buy Poetry This Holiday Season. Author Kelly Forsythe presents a good case for giving poetry: Perhaps we open our creative minds most intensely during the holidays, so, in theory, gifts which speak directly to these creative sensibilities should make it to the top of our must-have lists. Something that allows us to expand our minds just a tad further, pushing past the mundanity of office parties. Something that reminds us of the emotional connections we crave, particularly during the holidays. Enter: poetry.

Head over and read what she has to say.

2] A post titled Top Ten Gifts for the Poet has a diverse collection of suggestions. I already have the Cavallini folders marked. Don’t be fooled by what looks like the end of the article after the first suggestion. Keep going.

3] Kelli Russell Agodon, in her blog Book of Kells, has an interesting and fun Gift Guide for Poets & Writers: My Favorite Things. Who can resist Aqua Notes for the shower?!

4] One of my favourite places for gifts of any kind is Cafe Press. If you don’t know it, make sure you have plenty of time before you click the link. The writers’ gifts, at first glance, appear to be for narrative writers, but you will see quickly that many things work for poets.

5] Finally, a more personal gift. You will see this again tomorrow, but here’s an early look at We Write Poems. Their guest prompter this month is Yousei Hime who says: It is a gift giving season.  Handmade gifts are the best, and what better way to share love and self than writing.  Let us write and wrap a poem as a gift. Go on over and read her suggestion for a Holiday Collage.

I shall see you tomorrow for the week’s roundup of prompts; next Tuesday for something superstitious; and next Thursday for something.

Happy writing (and shopping), all.


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