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Your Serendipity @ Thursday Thoughts

7:52 a.m. — Atlanta

A brief post today. How are you all? The weekend nears and so does April, and you know what that means: Screaming. Hair pulling. Possible drinking. Swearing. A poem a day. Thirty poems.

1] April is National Poetry Month and there will be a ton of stuff going on. Google your state and National Poetry Month. You might be surprised. I was when I did that for Georgia last year and discovered it had a ton of stuff going on.[I repeated the exact same phrase didn’t I? One would almost think I did it purposely. I didn’t catch it until the reread. Scary.]

2] One event I participated in last year is the Big Poetry Giveaway, organised by poet and editor Kelli Agodon. About 50 or so bloggers gave away 2 chapbooks each, after a draw among participating readers. You may sign up for as many blogs as you visit. I ended up with five new chapbooks, a lovely way to read poets I didn’t know.

Big Poetry Giveaway 2012

Next Thursday, I will post the Great Poetry Giveaway blog where I will tell you the books I will give away and where you can sign up for the draw. You will have a month to sign up. I will also have a link to other participating blogs. The official start of the Big Poetry Giveaway, for my site, will be 29 March, 2012, and will last through April 30, 2012.

3] Julie Catherine has several things happening in April. She writes:

Coming in April, watch for my special Muse-Sings featured guest, Doug Peters.  Doug writes wonderful spiritual and inspirational poetry, and his spoken words set to beautiful music are absolutely exquisite.  It will be a definite must-read interview!

Also, April is National Poetry Month, celebrated nationally across both Canada and the United States.  So get your pens, pencils and typing fingers ready to share your poetry with the world during the entire month.  In addition to my regular monthly Medal of Humor week, I’ll be holding a special “Word Whisperer” contest, with a personally signed paperback copy of Love Notes romantic poetry as the prize.

As well, at the beginning of the month, I’ll be writing a book review of Part I of Justin Ordonez’ book, Sykosa, as part of  the “Novel Publicity” whirlwind blog tour team.

Please join me for these exciting events coming up in April!  ~  Love, Julie

Me, here. That’s it for today. I told you it would be short! I shall see you tomorrow for the roundup; Tuesday for an image prompt; and next Thursday for announcements.

Happy writing, everyone.


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Your Serendipity at Thursday Thoughts

8:20 a.m. — Atlanta

Hello everyone. Come in, come in. I have an assortment for you to browse, today.

1] First up is Julie Catherine: Muse-Sings, Poetry & Art of Julie Catherine, who says:

I will be doing a special Valentine’s Day posting that will be released February 11th.

I’m planning to do a Humor poetry post once a month – I’ve designed a nifty medal to give to anyone who posts a humorous poem in my blog, probably the second week of each month.  And my special Feature blog is a monthly one too, that I post on the first of the month — I have guests planned up to June right now, and others that are in the works, but am always looking for new and interesting people to feature.

2] Joseph and Tessa have Curio Issue #3 live. Hard to believe isn’t it? As a measure of time passing that one seems to catch my attention. We are told on the main page: the changes we threatened alluded to last time have yet to come to fruition. But fret not: they will be here soon, as the year has eased up a bit and we need to grow into a more developed magazine. Intriguing. Breath bated, we await. Meanwhile visit Curio to read the latest issue, and remember to submit your own poetry for consideration.

3] This week’s interview, at Poets United, is with Bren, who writes as Daydreamer Too at Soul Speak. Sherry, with her inimitable style, gives us another wonderful ‘life of a poet’. If you know Bren you will want to read this, and if you don’t know Bren you will want to read this. She has had, and has, an incredible life.

4] While trawling the Internet, I came across a video of Margaret Atwood giving a talk to an audience comprised of techies, at the ‘Tools of Change’ Conference, 2011,  in NYC. The talk addresses some of the problems that come with change and is titled “The Publishing Pie: An Author’s View”. You will need thirty-three minutes, so grab your coffee [I realise there are other things, but this is my world], or set your laptop up wherever you are putzing around, and have a listen. I love to watch Atwood, so I had to go the coffee route… three times. I was fascinated by what she said, how she said it, and the reactions of her audience.

5] Finally, do I have a toy for you! If you have not heard of Pinterest you should visit. I am giving you the link to my boards. Ignore, or not, the personal ones and have a glance at the boards I have set up for my writing. I know: What are you talking about? Tell you what, take a momentary break. Visit. I’ll be here… Yes, OMG! Those who wish to play, let me know. I think joining is still through invitations. I am happy to send out as many as they will allow. Warning: Browsing new material on the site, never mind stuff on the rest of the Internet, is terribly, terribly addictive [I even used two adverbs].

Quite a diversity for you to play with. Enjoy and I shall see you tomorrow for the week’s roundup of prompts; Tuesday for a non-place related prompt  [form? self? crazy easy?]; and next Thursday for more announcements, if we have any.

Happy browsing, everyone.



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