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Try a Little Kindness @ Tuesday Tryouts

7:36 a.m. — Atlanta

listening to Chapel of Love by the Dixie Cups

Hi, all. The problem with not taking a computer on holiday is the surprising amount one can fall behind, in five days. To the group who wonders whether I again fell off the planet: later today, as soon as I get through the college essays I’m editing, I’ll be around to respond to comments. NaNoWriMers, almost done! Congratulations for still being in the game.

I am shifting today’s focus, as I signed up for Fiona Robyn’s blogsplash to celebrate the one year anniversary of the publication of her novel Small Kindnesses. We’ll have art next week.

I knew about the blogsplash some time ago and had signed up tentatively right up to the moment a few days ago when Fiona wrote to see if I wanted my blog on the list. I still didn’t know, because the topic seemed overwhelming: pick a [as in one] small kindness done to you and relate it. Choose one? Just one? Fiona wrote back and said she would put my blog on the list anyway, whether or no I joined in. And, there, ladies and gentlemen, is my small kindness.

I have known Fiona since the inception of the community Writing Our Way Home. Throughout the past two years, Fiona has shown other small kindnesses to me, like checking to make sure I have not fallen off the planet. An act of kindness is one that does not have to be done, but is anyway, with thought only for the recipient. My husband is a man whose core is kindness and I watch as he performs small kindnesses every day, both to me and to strangers.

Watching a kindness done is an easy thing for the mind to absorb. I know that when I see a small kindness done, I carry it with me for a while. When the kindness is done to me, I feel cherished and acknowledged.

I looked the word up, as I am always curious about word origins. I found a fascinating essay on the word kind. I enjoyed it so much, I am giving you the link, should you care to investigate.

Fiona’s small kindness for all of us, is to make available for free, for one day, her novel. Head on over to her post on Writing Our Way Home and check it out.

What’s that? Yes, I am including a writing prompt, a true prompt rather than an exercise. Would you like to guess the theme? Too obvious? Go on. List as many small kindnesses as you remember witnessing. That will get the brain focused on the topic. Then list as many small kindnesses as you can remember being done to you.

You can go in a number of directions. A list poem might work. Or, you might want to pull together like kindnesses. Or, you might want to focus on one. It depends on what you want the poem to do. If you want the poem to say something about kindness that goes beyond a list, you might have to tweak details. That’s okay.

I shall see you Friday for the week’s roundup; and next Tuesday for the image prompt.

Enjoy your day. Happy writing, everyone.


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Beautiful Things

The most fun I had, was considering my most beautiful thing: my marriage, yes; our children, yes; our granddaughter, yes… but write a poem that isn’t schmaltzy? No. So what else threads my life?

First Cup

Every morning, six forty-five, she sits, curled into a corner of the couch, a blue and white cotton kimono wrapped loosely around her. She nurses a white ceramic cup, listens to her husband’s voice. Nestling into her palms, the cup’s curved bottom warms her hands. The coffee’s fragrance wakes her brain, the taste fills her mouth, sings on her tongue, as her husband reads headlines to her, from the B.B.C..

My morning coffee —
the sun rising on my tongue —
pulls clouds from my mind.

Congratulations, Fiona, on your novel. To read about the blogsplash, if you haven’t, visit.


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One Announcement, One Wordle Poem

Hello to everyone. I forgot to add to my Friday roundup, the reminder of an announcement I made a couple of weeks ago. Fiona Robyn, of the site Writing Our Way Home, is celebrating the publication of her novel, The Most Beautiful Thing with, among other things, a blogsplash where she asks us to post our most beautiful thing, this coming Tuesday, the 24th of April. You can find all the information here. I have had an enjoyable few days, settling on the what and how.

Now, today’s wordle response. I had a tough time with these words, but as this is celebrating The Sunday Whirl’s birthday, was determined to put up something.


On the wall hangs an exquisite art piece, a tiny origami dragon set within glittered spangling, an abstract coda, known only to its artist. When the sun hits it, the colours shimmy and dust motes become ethereal in the light.

a cacophony
of aches, her heart is shelved, put
away to ferment

Visit Brenda, The Sunday Whirl, and the anniversary wordle poems.

I am glad I shall be seeing people on my rounds today, as I am missing the company! Otherwise, I shall see you Friday for the roundup; next Tuesday for a form [oh yes, we’re back]; and next Thursday, if there are announcements.


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Your Serendipity, Part 2 @ Thursday Thoughts

11:28 a.m. — Atlanta

Hello, again. I tried to give you a small break between postings. For those of you who are just seeing this in their in-boxes and haven’t spotted the earlier post, head here to find out why I am posting in two parts.

We have five short announcements, most of which involve you going and checking things out.

1] The first is from Fiona Robyn, whom many of you know from the site Writing Our Way Home. She is celebrating the publication of her new novel and says: ‘Write a post about your Most Beautiful Thing and schedule it for anytime on the 24th of April. You can post a photo of your most beautiful thing, a poem, a descriptive piece or whatever you like. Your thing can be an object, a person, a place, a memory or a philosophy/ideal (e.g. love).’

I think it sounds like a fun project, especially with the latitude we are given. For more information, visit

2] Next, Mary Kling has just published a collection of her work: Her new poetry book, Just As I Am,  is now available for purchase through It includes basically all of Mary’s poetry from November, 2010, through early March, 2012.  You can locate it through, or  (easier) you can click on the button found on Mary’s website, which is to be able to buy the book at the author’s cost. Mine is already ordered!

3] Always wanted to try reading your poetry aloud? Terrified of stages? Or, live people? [yes, as opposed to zombies] Some of you know this next place, but I bet many of you don’t, or haven’t visited. Buddah Moskowitz runs a virtual poetry reading site. I landed there when Mark Windham let me know he had tried it. I spent an enchanting time over there hearing the voices of many people, whom I have hitherto [score for using hitherto] only known through their writing and photographs. A voice adds so much. You can add yours…

4] A site I visited for the first time this week, has been recommended by Paula Wanken, and I know Amy Barlow Liberatore often writes to their prompts — Shah Wharton Author Blog & WordsinSync. Yes, it is a mouthful. I am going to give you a link straight to the storyteller section, as I found navigating the blog difficult. My brain doesn’t work with that much stuff going on, but your brains might eat it up and there is a lot to feast on.

5] Okay… WordPress and comment difficulty. I have no way of asking WordPress as their happiness engineers are drowning in requests. I did come across two conversations on the topic, but WordPress did not seem to quite grasp the problem. One thing they said, though, is that if you have a Gravatar, you have a WordPress account. The two go together. That may be the reason why WordPress is asking you to sign in. Make sense?

Until tomorrow, happy writing, everyone.

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