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PoMoSco Day 28

Whoo! That’s all. Too much energy required for anything else. Two more days. Two days. It’s good we have family coming in, so the aftershock of post-April won’t hit me until next week and I’ll have been eased into a different routine.

Instructions: Start with an X ACTO knife, box cutter or other cutting device. Find a text you don’t mind cutting up — or make a photocopy of the text if necessary — and physically cut out the unused portions to create an erasure poem.
Watch james w. moore’s video, “Making Heaven,” which captures his process of creating poems using one approach.
Scan your completed work — or take a picture of it — and upload it to the site.

Today’s gave me trouble and I ended up compromising, not on the poem, but on what a cut-out entails. While understanding that if it’s cut, it’s a cut-out, I knew that was rationalising. I spent an entire April watching james doing cut-outs, during the Pulitzer challenge two years ago. I knew what I wanted. Alas. If I Wish

Other cut-ups and cut-outs:

james w. moore: Crunch & his passenger

Daniel Ari: ?QUIZ?

Barbara C: Undeceived

Richard Walker: Aunt and Uncle

Rebecca Siegel: Journal of Emily Shore

Misky: White as Milk

Vinita Agrawal: Waiting

Gary Glauber: Sound Fury

There are some dark-ish ones in here and I can assure you, if you have never done any kind of erasure, that the darkness will have surprised many of the poets, when it first appeared and they realised where the poem was going. Again, you see many approaches. Why, you might ask, so many different types of ways to do what remains an erasure? Because (I have learned after a reading about a hundred) there really is a different effect.

Enjoy these and I shall see you tomorrow for the penultimate poem.

Lori Brack: Icarus, from a distance

A.K. Afferez: testimony

I know, but I just read them and hadn’t hit publish, yet.


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