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Thursday Takeout

12:00 pm, Thursday, 16 December, 2010 –  Atlanta

For those who did not read yesterday’s post, I will be traveling tomorrow and so am giving you Fridays’ Freeforall today. If I have a chance tomorrow I will post a Wordle or list of words for the weekend.



First a mention for a Writer’s Digest challenge, in case you have not seen it, and if you have, to encourage you to try your hand at it. The challenge is to write a form of poem called a sevenling. It’s a restrictive form but sometimes that makes it easier. I submitted mine yesterday and if you are curious to read some example sevenlings, I have given you a link to Robert Lee Brewer’s page. You can also check the comments for that page, as that is where people are posting their poems. I would be wary of using those as examples as they are not all clear sevenlings. The deadline is January 15, 2011.



We Write Poems which will post your poems next Wednesday has a prompt that asks: so tell us this week “what you want”. Another simple concept standing under the tree, words in hand. Let your thoughts drift onto this, explore, something more perhaps than that “doggie in the window” or a new pair of shoes. Head to their site to read more. I love the different possibilities and thoughtfulness of their prompts.

Writer’s Island has a simple word prompt but I’ll let you discover it if you wish, because it’s fun to visit the island.

Sunday Scribblings asks us to think about our limits: Coming up to the change of year it always feels like there is a lot of pressure to make a new start.  To promise yourself things or to seek to change yourself in some way seems to be the order of most January beginnings.  I think that before we leap into another year of resolutions, it would not hurt to look at what our limits are. Head to their site for the accompanying questions they ask to get our brains moving.

If you have not visited Cafe Writing–The Bistro, wander over there. They have an incredible prompt that involves six or seven different options [Try them all. You never know from where a poem will arrive]. They are due to change over today, but if you get in now, you can get last month’s and then revisit them this weekend and see if they have posted next month’s. You’ll know if they haven’t shifted if the prompt still focuses on magic. Their prompts are up for a month.

Big Tent Poetry‘s Monday offering is an intriguing prompt that will work for some of you and won’t for others, but check it out: I may have been the only person in the poetry universe who didn’t know Marvin Bell and his Dead Man Poetry. Until quite recently that is, when I was introduced to the form by a fellow poetry student. She work-shopped a marvelous version of her Dead Woman Poem and it inspired me to bring the form to you as a prompt. For an explanation of Dead Man Poetry visit the site.

Jingle Poetry‘s Monday potluck focuses on hobbies and passions and pasttimes and entertainment.

If you like picture prompts, go on over to Magpie Tales. they have a stained glass image.

Carry on Tuesday has an interesting phrase taken from the title of a Stevie Smith poem: Not waving but drowning. For the text of the poem, or to hear it read, visit the site. They also expand on the possibilities for what you might do. I suggest you not read, or listen to, the poem until your own idea is down on paper.

And last, Fiona Robyn of the River of Stones project coming in January asked those of us who know about it to post this link: . If you want to see the original post, I have a link on my sidebar.

If I do not get to my blog tomorrow, have a good weekend and I will be back Monday with a short, scaled back post.


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Friday Freeforall

10:56 am, Friday, 10 December, 2010 – Atlanta

Okay, what can I find for us to play with this weekend. I like doing this every Friday. It makes me look around.

Sunday Scribblings has a prompt word: Guidance. If the word interests you, visit them for guidance on “guidance”. They suggest posting your poem, should one arise, on Sunday, but you have until they post a new prompt.


Poets United Thursday prompt is the word: forgiveness. Here is part of what they say: To forgive is to excuse for fault or an offense.  The word forgiveness can bring out a wide range of emotions in people.  Some find it to be a sign of weakness others an immense show of strength. What have you forgiven lately or think needs to be forgiven? Have you ever held a grudge that was taxing on you? They say more and also have a photograph, as added inspiration.

Cafe Writing‘s Thursday Threesome has a Christmas theme, so if you are in the mood, head over there. Their shtick is they take a phrase or words that work together and divide into three. You can use one, two, or all three together. Many paths to choose.


We Write Poems has a phrase for their weekly prompt: The pursuit of happiness. Plenty of scope in that phrase. This site gives a full week and takes posts on the following Wednesday.


Three Word Wednesday has an intriguing choice of words: judge, nightfall, safety. You can post all week.

Carry On Tuesday has a phrase which could be fun: The course of true love never did run smooth. Head over to their site to find out how they suggest we use their prompts.


Magpie Tales has a photograph of an old sled. Just looking at the handworn wood evoked a response from me.


And, finally, a Wordle from me:


Remember that if a prompt, or exercise, intrigues you, but you aren’t sure what to write, freewrite. You do not have to write a poem in response to everything. You can write your response in prose form and, on days when you wander back through your notebook, rereading what you have written, may spark something.

Have a wonderful weekend. More mantras on Monday.



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Friday Freeforall: Weekend Takeaway

10:14 am, Friday, 3 December, 2010 – Atlanta

I will start with a Wordle for you to play with:

Remember that you may change the form of any of the words. If you need wintry instead of winter, or ran instead for run, have at it.

Now a plethora of places to wander through and check out their prompts:

Big Tent Poetry‘s prompt from last Monday is the word “enough”:

It’s a simple prompt this week: write to enough, be it not enough, more that enough, just enough. If you are quick, they post between now and Monday.

Jingle Poetry posts their prompt [often a mix of media] Sunday night and gives a week for us to post. The prompt which will go up this Sunday is : “Flash Forward!! After an enchanting week, we thought of going natural!!! So the theme for next week will be “Nature: Plants, Creatures and the Cosmos“!!! You will have a week to prepare your poem on this theme.. 🙂 And if you are unable to submit a poem fitting the theme, relax… Send in an older poem you would love to share with us…” If you want to work on last week’s, head for their site. The prompt involves magic and fantasy.

Magpie Tales has a visual prompt. If you like locations as inspiration, visit them.

Carry On Tuesday says : Each week Carry On Tuesday will publish either a famous quotation or the opening lines of a book, song or poem and invite you to Carry On where words stop. You may use some of the words or all of them either at the start of your piece or within the body of your work. This week their first line is from The Lion King, so if you like to have more than a word to start you off, visit them. Prompts are given Wednesday and they post on Tuesday.

Three Word Wednesday gives writers, poets and those who journal a mid-week jolt of creativity. Each week, three words are selected; you create something with the words…This is a place to stretch your muse, test your dreams. Get writing, you. Head their way if you like interesting combinations to wrestle with.

Cafe Writing–The Patio is back with their Thursday Threesome. They post three words that can be used individually or together, as a starter, or as the focus. Visit them and also check out The Bistro. The Bistro gives a monthly theme to work on. This month’s theme focuses on magic.

That should keep us all busy over the weekend. See if you can use some of the imagery you have been working with. I will see you Monday for more mantras. Have a good weekend.

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