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Poetics Serendipity

8:36 a.m. — Atlanta

listening to Beetle sung by Run River North — I love their sound, particularly the lead’s voice

Hey, everyone. How are you? It’s one of those mornings when I wanted my second cup of coffee as I was finishing the last drops of my first. I am holding out. Links first.

1] As we all know, there are many, many, articles written on creativity and how-tos. Every now and then I find a particularly well-written article, or one focused on things I have forgotten, no matter how many times I read them. I figure one of my tasks is to put things in front of you, every now and then, as a reminder. This link takes you to Write to Done: Unmissable Articles on Writing. They have collected ten articles, on the subject of creativity, in one place (which is a bonus for us). How to Be Creative and Find Your Brilliance gives us topics that tell us naps and messy desks are fine and what to do in case of burnout. Many are written with humour.

2] The next link is one to grab your coffee, or tea, and sit back to enjoy. Jennifer Schaffer, of BuzzFeed Books, has collected 51 Of The Most Beautiful Sentences In Literature, as proposed by members of the BuzzFeed community. I found it fun to see what was chosen and to stop and ruminate over many, remembering the novels, plays, or poems, from which they came. (Also, of course, to wonder why some were chosen, or some not put forward)

3] I received an email from Sasha A. Palmer, to tell me that Creative Bloomings has risen from the ashes. The new site is named, appropriately, Phoenix Rising Poetry Guild. Walt Wojtanik says of the new site, that he hopes to take it back to his and Marie Elena’s original concept for a poetry group. To read what that is, you can read the opening statement. The site goes live, February 1.

I will see you tomorrow for the week’s roundup of prompt sites; next Tuesday for our image prompt; and Thursday for more links and such.

Happy writing, everyone.

P.S. I am collecting sites that help us with graphics online, whether it be our own photographs, or something we find on the Internet, that we want on our sites. If you have a favourite source, let me know, and I’ll pull everything together for a post.


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Poetics Serendipity

9:50 a.m. — Atlanta

Listening to Lawrence Reynolds singing Grandpa’s Song — we’re going country, today

Hello there. Yes, I am a little late. I got a little distracted, something I am prone to when lining up things for today. Last week I gave you quite a bit of reading, so let’s keep it lighter this week.

1] We start with a TED talk — I even found one that is short-ish. You’ll need ten minutes. Kirby Ferguson… whoa! I lied. You’ll need an hour all told. Checking his bio, just now, I noticed a comment about Everything is a Remix being a four parter. I am now at the original site and it is, indeed, in four parts plus a couple of connected videos. The video I watched and which caught me, is: Embrace the Remix. Scroll down to the first video after the four parts. if you like Ferguson’s delivery as I do, and are interested in his contention that everything is remixed from what has come before, then you have a whole bunch of entertaining videos to watch.

2] Next, a visit to Robert Lee Brewer [yes, it has been a while — I have been remiss]. Robert had a volume of poetry, Solving the World’s Problems, published a year ago (a year!). The post I am linking you to is Robert’s take on the year, as regards what he has learned about selling poetry books, as well as missed opportunities. For anyone thinking of publishing this is worth bookmarking. As long as we’re here, if you don’t have Robert’s book and feel in the need of some good poetry, I love it for his subject matter and for the poems’ readability.

3] One of the sites I whip through occasionally is Buzzfeed. The article I am linking you with had me laughing from the first. The title: 29 Words That Mean Something Totally Different When You’re a Writer, and it is written by Daniel Dalton from the Buzzfeed staff. You’re intrigued, aren’t you? As soon as I post this, I’m going to reread the list, which begins with: Writing
What it means: Committing words to paper or text to an electronic document.
What it means when you’re a writer: Doing literally anything else.

4) This last was in my Facebook feed, so some of you may have seen it on your own walls. The site Open Culture whose aim is to find and give us the best free cultural & educational media on the web, reports that the University of California has made available 700 free e-books. For research and found poetry possibilities, the titles are well worth investigating.

I shall see you tomorrow for prompt sites; Tuesday for a borrowed prompt; and next Thursday for more links.

Happy writing, everyone.



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