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Friday Freeforall: Prompts Roundup

9:10 — Atlanta

Hello. Anyone else feel like it has been two weeks crammed into one? Whew! Bring on the weekend. Meanwhile what do we have to entertain us and keep us writing? I think I will be glad to get back to the routine of my usual Friday sites. Hunting for two or three, so that anyone participating in National Poetry Month doesn’t feel overwhelmed by all that is on offer, takes longer. I want those who are not participating to have enough to play with, too.

Let us start with Big Tent, who are giving us seven prompts a week for the month of April. Here are a couple:
2. Write an ode to a thing you love in nature.
3. Write a poem that starts, “It’s not true that ______.”
7. Write a poem in which you pull a small object (toy? animal?) out of your mouth. To read the rest, enter the Big Tent.

At Poets & Writers they ask us to try a fun trick. If you are stuck on the draft of a poem, or you have an old poem you don’t quite know what to do with, write, or print, it out, snip it into lines or small chunks and physically move the lines around. You will be surprised at what a new perspective can do.

The prompt offered at Poets United has many possibilities, maybe even a series. They ask us to contemplate firsts: “a first” in life….like a first kiss, first job, first vacation, or even first husband…lol.  When is the first time you experienced death, love, God, hate, a broken bone, happiness?  Head over to the site for a couple of photographs, a statement by Churchill, and the rest of the prompt.

And, finally [still keeping things short], one of the prompts from Inkseeds, where Jennie asks us to think about talismans: Think back over the times in your life when you’ve put something on or carried something with you “for luck,” or just because having it with you made you feel a little better. Maybe it’s a special piece of jewelry or other adornment. A tumbled gemstone you tuck into your pocket once in a while. Maybe you carry a letter someone wrote to you because it inspires or comforts. Maybe you have a lucky pen you sign contracts or write poems with, or maybe you wear a pair of lucky underwear (or tie, or other article of clothing) to job interviews. Go on over and read the rest of the prompt. She writes particularly well, so her whole blog is worth the visit, and offers plenty of possibilities.

In case you haven’t checked out the Big Poetry Giveaway, or the Poem a Day sites, and would like to, head to my post here. Do share this with anyone who might enjoy it and I will see you Tuesday to learn another form, and Thursday to continue the discussion of words to avoid.

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Writing.


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