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WordPress Rant @ Your Serendipity

7:51 a.m. — Atlanta

Hello, all. Welcome to Wordbook, or is that Facepress? I am a fairly placid sort, but one of the things that ticks me off is when a large-scale decision affecting my day-to-day interactions is made behind my back, especially when it appears to be an unpopular decision. WordPress’s latest move with comment follow is strongly reminiscent of the many Facebook ambushes that have taken place. While Facebook seems to be mellowing, WordPress is gearing up.

When I started with WordPress a couple of years ago, I loved everything about it and found the people who ran it to be friendly and helpful and apparently truthful. That appears to have gone by the wind. Many of you have been affected by their latest move and have found their inboxes filled with emails from the different blogs you follow. For context, we go to Amy Barlow Liberatore, over at Sharp Little Pencil, who writes:

Sorry, poem later – first, help for ALL my WordPress buddies!

We have located where that sneaky unemployed blockhead GWB hid the comment box check that has everyone on WordPress steamed.

On your Dashboard, left column, click “Settings.”
Under “Settings” menu, click “Discussions.”
On “Discussions” page, scroll WAY, WAY down… to just above Avatars section. You’ll find some checked boxes, including “Allow: Follow Comments.” NOTE: This has been changed since Amy’s efforts  to help, to: Show a ‘follow comments’‘ option in the comment form”.

Uncheck that box.

Nobody really follows someone else’s comments, in my experience. But clicking this means that option (if someone DOES want updates on a comment they made) will disappear. That just means if they are hungry for your feedback, they will take the time to come back to your blog. Never happened to me because when there is a juicy comment, I copy my response to a personal email to the commenter and we continue the discussion there.

Hope this helps. And, as someone says, at least we don’t have those damned illegible CAPTCHAs. COPY THIS POST OR FORWARD MY URL TO EVERYONE WHO USES WORDPRESS… that is, if you want to! Peace. I need a nap now. Love to all, Amy

Margo back. Things have revved up a bit with WordPress claiming that tons of people have commented how much they love the new system. I am finding this hard to believe. Amy has sent out an email which some of you [who follow her] will have received. She suggests that if we feel strongly, we leave a comment. I have just done so. I have no hope of WordPress rescinding. Big corporations rarely do, but I feel better.

Will I leave WordPress? Unfortunately, no. I like WordPress better than Blogger, where I started my blogging. It suits me. What I may do is move out and start my own website, something I had somewhere in my future.

Whew! If you are still here, thank you for the indulgence. If you have questions about this, ask. Comments, of course… even if you think this is the neatest WordPress action since sliced bread.

Let me leave you with something happy: Curio issue #6 is out, so take yourself over to read familiar and unfamiliar poets, at Joseph’s and Tessa’s lovely journal.

I will see you tomorrow for the week’s roundup of prompts; next Tuesday for a prompt on ‘what is self?‘; and next Thursday, for whatever comes along.

Happy writing, all.


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