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Your Serendipity @ Thursday Thoughts


8:30 a.m. — Atlanta

‘Goin’ to the Chapel’ playing

Hello, all. I sat down an hour ago to write you and just realised I spent the entire hour wandering around the Sphere. Let’s get to this week’s grab bag.

1] I am sure that most writers have been frustrated by the rejection notices where editors tell you how much they enjoyed your poems, but…That’s how Donna starts her post about submissions and rejections. It’s a short but important eureka moment. Head for Put Words Together. Make Meaning to read what she says.

2] As long as we are on the topic, how about a list of dos and don’ts for submitting work? Amanda Earl is both writer and editor, so has a unique perspective. Much of what she says is self-evident, yet, sometimes, it’s good to read what we know and be reminded.

3] Patrick Ross, of The Writer’s Road, has author Annie Neugebauer as a guest blogger. Her topic? What the Heck Should I Call Myself, Anyway? Have you ever wondered, when people ask: What do you do [aside from other jobs than writing], how exactly to answer? Until I read this post, I wandered between: I write. I’m a writer. I write poetry. I never felt any were quite right as far as conveying what I do to non-writers. After reading this post, I answer: I’m an author. Faces clear immediately; heads nod. People understand what an author is. A writer? Not so much.

4] This is for all us book mad people, but does require a bit of tech to accomplish. Jeff O’Neal, the editor of Book Riot, shows us a nifty way to make book covers into screen savers. Nope. This has nothing to do with poetry. Serendipity, remember?

5] Finally, grab that cup of whatever, pull your chair up, make yourself comfortable and listen to Billy Collins, for 12 minutes. His subject is ‘everyday moments, caught in time‘ but, really, do we care? Sitting with him for twelve minutes is a treat. If you have not explored TED talks, this is an example of what can be found.



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