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Poem Tryouts: Will You Dance?

8:36 a.m. — Atlanta

listening to Walk the Moon’s Shut Up and Dance

Hello, everyone. First, to all the writers of last week’s poems, my apologies for not visiting, yet. This week has been one of those weeks. I look forward to spending some time amongst you, later today. Today’s image prompt went out the window (or back into its folder) when I opened an email from my niece (no, not the one in Boulder, the one in DC) and watched her YouTube find.

I love dance movies and, invariably, they are good movies. Some wonderful person took three minutes worth of dance scenes and set them to Shut Up and Dance. In her email, my niece dared us not to smile. I was smiling by the third dance. By the end, I wanted to rewatch all the movies. So, here’s the deal. Watch the video all the way through. Then watch it again. This time pause it at scenes you find are nudging at you.

You can write about the scene, or part of the scene, as if it were a still image.

You can write about the time you went to that particular movie.

You can write about dance in your life. Almost all of us have dancing somewhere in our lives. Do you have a time that will make a poem?

You can write about the significance of a particular dance.

You can dance your way to anything you wish to.

I will see you again, for our regular poetry posts, Friday the 1st of May. Throughout April, I shall post a link to my poem each day, so you will be seeing me for thirty days. I think.

Happy writing, all. To those taking part in any of the April poem a day challenges, I salute you. Let’s go!


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