Poetics Serendipity

06 Aug

8:50 a.m. — San Antonio

listening to Streets of Laredo sung by Marty Robbins

Hello, all. Here we go with Thursday back in play.

1] One of my favourite sites is Grammarly. Not only do they understand the Oxford comma, but they have many well-written articles on a variety of topics. The one I am linking to is: 10 Ways Keeping a Journal Will Genuinely Improve Your Life. I don’t keep one, never have, except for one three month period of a particularly exciting vacation, when I was twelve. However, I know many of you do, or might be considering it. The article is brief and to the point, easily consumed.

2] This next item came to my attention through Barbara Crary. I find it fascinating, but am not surprised, when I consider poetry’s power. You will need five minute to watch the video, Poetry as Therapy for Alzheimer ‘s Patients.

3] The final item is a call for submissions from women over fifty, by Two Sylvias Press. Kelli Russell Agodon and  Annette Spaulding-Convy have announced the 2015 Two Sylvias Press Wilder Series Book Prize A Poetry Contest for Women Over Age 50. Check it out.

Short and sweet. There’s this room I’ve been ignoring. As it’s where my regular computer will be, I need to clear it. I will see you Tuesday for one of my prompts and Thursday for more serendipity. I haven’t given up on Fridays, but will wait until my PC is up and running.

Happy writing, everyone.


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4 responses to “Poetics Serendipity


    06/08/2015 at 11:38 am

    Thanks, Margo. You are a star to keep us in the loop when you are so busy.

  2. julespaige

    06/08/2015 at 11:49 am

    Settling in. That’s a good thing.
    I’m a tad behind on just a few things.
    But I managed to get this posted on the plane ride home yesterday.
    It worked out well with a prompt from Quickly. One of my acrosTics.

    We were able to have about half a day in San Francisco – (I kept hubby company while he was ‘working’). We got to spend our last day hoofing up to and then down the famed Lombard St. And caught the cable car back to where we started.

    Now to catch up on house chores… I did get the front mowed. Now for some errands.

  3. pmwanken

    07/08/2015 at 9:22 am

    Short and sweet. Yep–that’s you! Looking forward to the time when you’re feeling even more settled.😉 xox

  4. Hannah Gosselin

    07/08/2015 at 8:27 pm

    Thank you, Margo and happy unpacking to you.’s


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