PoMoSco Day 20

20 Apr

Twenty down, ten to go. I am pretty sure I do not have ten poems sitting and waiting, so I need to get to work. Today’s instructions are the kind I like, as they offer almost total freedom to remix: Head to your local library or bookstore, making a note of things you see on your journey there — construction,  a used car dealership, a printing shop or a group of birds.

Make one of the things you saw your research topic and find five books. Compose a poem using only the words and phrases found on the first five pages of each text, excluding introductory matter.

I had a fairly wide assortment of texts, and had making sure I had at least one phrase from each book, in the poem. Having this slight constraint allows for using unusual, or unthought of descriptions: A Chorus Blooms.

Other journeys:

Doug Luman: Bear-Proof Fence

Misky: Ley Line Histories

Barbara C: Italian Haiku

Laurie Kolp: On Living Life

Richard Walker: pedal to the mettle

Vinita Agrawal: Blue Green

Enjoy and I will see you tomorrow for more.



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