PoMoSco Day 8

08 Apr

Hello! Today’s prompt was a learning experience for this technologically challenged writer. I persevered and, in the end, decided the black out tool is fun. Instructions: Visit Remix the Web and follow the directions to drag the blackout icon to your tool bar. Navigate to a website or other source text. Click on the blackout icon to activate the tool, then use your mouse to highlight words. As you highlight sections and release your mouse, you will see a black bar appear over them, blacking them out. Leave only the words that comprise your poem exposed.

There was much angst learning to use the tool, but once we all figured it out, it made black out poetry a snap. The part that gave me the most problem was getting a cropped screenshot (don’t even go there). Again, I persevered and have Never Before Named.

Other blackouts:

Sarah Sloat: Grave Star

Douglas Burkett: Dead Script

Gary Glauber: Become a Cliché

Marilyn/Misky Braendeholm: Plucking at Another Daisy

Nancy Chen Long: Miracle in a Dry Place

Barbara Crary: In Mourning

Richard Walker: the majority who believe

Be sure and glance at everyone’s source text. It can be quite surprising. Enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow.



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4 responses to “PoMoSco Day 8

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  2. whimsygizmo

    08/04/2015 at 1:41 pm

    This was a little maddening, but fun.😉
    Thanks again for sharing.

  3. Misky

    08/04/2015 at 4:14 pm

    Thank you, Margo, for mentioning mine. It’s very much appreciated. Daniel Ari had a good one today, too.

    • margo roby

      08/04/2015 at 4:59 pm

      I’ll go check his out, Misk.


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