PoMoSco Day 7

07 Apr

I used to be able to handle all this! I figure it will take me six months to recover from the intensity. Today’s prompt is an interesting one and involves dice: Assign each line on your source text page a number — you can work consecutively (first line = 1, second line = 2), in reverse order (last line = 1, etc) or in any order you choose. Roll the dice — whatever line corresponds to the number that came up gets added to your word bank. Continue rolling the dice until you have a big enough word bank to craft a poem. For an extra challenge, retain the full original lines in your finished piece.

My source text is Where the Silence Rings, a collection of fifteen stories to do with mountains. I amended the instructions so that I rolled the dice to choose my chapter, then to choose my line. You can find the result at Where the Silence Rings.

Other rolls of the dice:

Daryl Muranaka: The Wild Boy Sings

Andrea Janelle Dickens: First Death

Vinita Agrawal: Don’t Look For Me

Nancy Chen Long: Flocked

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