Poetry Freeforall: Meeting Prompt Sites II

05 Sep

9:31 a.m. — Atlanta

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Hello, everyone. I enjoyed last week’s close up of a few of the prompt sites we have in the weekly list, so I thought I would continue, especially as there are several new followers. I won’t go through the entire list closely (I don’t think), but today and maybe next week we’ll look at three or four, before returning to presenting the whole list of weekly possibilities for prompts.

adele kenny

1]  The Music In It: Adele Kenny’s Poetry Blog is my favourite of all the sites I put up. I notice that while I wasn’t looking, Adele has redecorated and restructured her site. Under the tabs ‘writing poetry’ and ‘reading poetry aloud’ Adele has a list of tips that are worth printing out and keeping close. Why do I like her site so much for prompts? Adele not only has fresh, interesting ideas, but with each prompt she offers possible ways we can approach an idea, guidelines for writing the poem, tips, and examples by several poets. Hers is a true teaching blog without feeling like we are in a classroom.

2] One of the most interesting sites is that of Poets & Writers. It’s not so much for those who want to write, post and comment then and there, as it is a wonderful resource for collecting ideas, for those of you who, like me, work slowly and like to have a bank of ideas. They present three possibilities each week: creative non-fiction, fiction, and poetry. This week they offer prompts centred around messages, characters (which can be adapted to thinking about the poem’s speaker), and expectations. Without saying which goes where, all work as a basis for ideas to write poems about. Besides, many of you write fiction and November is fast approaching. You need to start stretching your narrative chops you NaNoWriMo nuts.

3] The pub. I think we had a collective heart attack earlier this year when dVerse told us they might be closing down. dverseInstead they regrouped, restructured and kept the doors open. The site is a wonderfully supportive one and offers [this from their site]:

  • Poetics – is all about inspiration. You will write about a provided prompt, whether music, art, photography, quotes or other challenges. Poetics opens at 3 pm EST on Tuesday.
  • OpenLinkNight – is our large gathering where you link any poem you would like. This is a great place to meet and hear new voices. OLN opens at 3 pm EST on every last Saturday of the month.
  • FormForAll/Meeting the Bar: Critique and Craft – is our lab, where you will receive teaching on poetry forms and critique. This is where we hone our skills. FormForAll and Meeting the Bar: Critique and Craft opens at 3pm EST on Thursday.

Plus, virtual drinks! As summer draws to an end, I hear the gentle clinking of gimlet glasses. With its lime base, gimlets will keep us from contracting scurvy as we while away our hours honing our craft.

Go explore some more. I will see you Tuesday for a prompt to do with the unexpected; Thursday for links; and Friday for another close up of prompt sites.

Happy writing, all.

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