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08 Nov

8:20 a.m. — Atlanta

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pen-and-pencil-thHello, everyone. We’re one week into NaNoWriMo and Robert’s PAD chapbook challenge. Y’all still there? Give yourself a break and wander through these sites. Even if you don’t feel like another prompt, they’re fun to read.

Joseph’s Renovations are just my cup of tea. Not that I have had time to sit and write anything, but I have them all filed. You know that file. It’s labelled ‘Someday’.sunday whirl The prompts are fun; if you have not tried one, wander over. He is posting every day, so you have your choice of several and it doesn’t matter if you post them ‘not on the day’.

At The Sunday Whirl, Brenda gives us her usual selection of words that work. Something I have noticed about writing to the words on the blog [rather than the list sent out early] is that where Brenda places the words often affects how I perceive them. If you haven’t wordled yet, what are you waiting for? Brenda will have the new words up on Sunday. Visit to see the wordle and to read what others have done.

adele kennyAt The Music In It: Adele Kenny’s Poetry Blog, Adele has a guest prompter, poet Cat Doty who gives us a wonderfully fun prompt on writing a sonnet. Yes, fun and sonnet in the same sentence. I’m heading back there as soon as I finish here.

We’re at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog for Limerick-off Mondays. Never written one? What are you waiting for? Laughing is good, so visit to read, to laugh, perhaps to write. At the least, go read Madeleine’s limerick for this week’s line.magpie

The Mag [Magpie Tales] gives us a painting by Sir Stanley Spencer. There is a lot happening in the painting. Look for stories, repeated elements, the title, or one person who catches your eye. Go look at it.

Mary, at Poetry Jam, has interesting suggestions to do with what we do, or don’t, know for sure.  Head over to read what she says.

carolThis week on Carol’s Light Words she asks an intriguing question about colour. The photograph she gives us is black and white. Head over to see. Also, Carol chooses a song each Friday to get us dancing around — remember she is on California time. A different kind of poetry and a whole lot of fun.

Poets & Writers’ suggestions for all three genres work as possibilities for a poem subject. This week we have self-portraits, being at peace, and guest poetry.  Visit. (NaNo-ers, their fiction suggestions are a wonderful resource for ideas)

At imaginary garden with real toads, herotomost invites us to paint a portrait of… him. The prompt is quite a challenge. I look forward to reading the results. Note all the forms he suggests; they open up the possibilities. Head over to read. Go play with the toads.

At  We Write Poems Misky is our guide this month. Head over to read what she says about bridges. The possibilities are many.

At Poets United Verse First introduces us to the fascinating photography of Carl Warner who embodies Meridel Le Sueur’s comment ‘The body becomes the landscape‘. Go on over for the links. I gave PU’s general address as the post does not seem to have a working link. You’ll need to scroll down.

Over at dVerse, you have to give this a try. Samuel Peralta introduces us to Googlisms and the way to use them in list poems. Read what has been posted so far. Great fun. Visit. Look around. Stay awhile; it’s a friendly place. Haul out the crock pot. It’s time for hot apple cider and brandy.

Flash fiction fans: I’m going to give you the link to the general site of Flashy Fiction, rather than always giving you Friday, as you might come to the site on a different day, thus be offered a different image. Pot luck.

If you have questions, ask. If you write in response to any of these, the people whose blogs you visit would love to read your responses. Post!

I shall see you Tuesday for a bit of narrative consciousness; Thursday for links; and next Friday for more of today.

Happy writing, everyone. OCALHand_Writing


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  1. Misky

    09/11/2013 at 6:33 am

    Thanks for the mention at We Write Poems, Margo! 😀


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