Your Poetics Serendipity — It Must be Thursday

09 May

7:39 a.m. — Atlanta

listening to The Corries singing The Roses of Prince Charlie

Hi, all. In the first week after April’s madness, I find my brain rather empty when I ask it to say something. The good news is that the creative part is still running on high and I am working on about fifteen poems at roughly the same time. The not so good news is that thirteen of the poems are for my Proulx collection — I know. It’s over. Tell my characters that. I now have a clearer story line and have tied the characters to each other. Now what? I have no idea. So, let’s switch to links.

1] The first is a short piece, posted in Poets & Writers: ‘A Poet’s Musings‘ by Joseph O. Legaspi, which I might have given a pass (because all poet’s muse, right?), but Mark W. brought it to my attention. I read; I was captivated. For someone as young as he looks, he has a mature outlook and an easy articulation of his thoughts. I like his voice. Does he say anything new, or startling? No. But he does voice many of the things I think about and you probably think about. At one point he asks ‘Then, am I poet enough?’. What a great question. Go read for his answer.

2] The second article is a longish one, but well worth the time. Even though it is pointed towards writers of fiction, everything in it applies to poets [many of whom are secretly fiction writers — yes, I know you’re there]. By author Lynne Barrett, ‘What Editors Want; A Must-Read for Writers Submitting to Literary Magazines‘ is a fascinating insight of what happens to our work on the other side: Yes, the editor is a gate-keeper, controlling entrée to something you want, but that is really of more importance to you than to the editor.  The editor’s eye is on the magazine. Barrett also speaks to what our job, as writers submitting, is, so take a few minutes with your cuppa and read.

3] Finally, we have a fifteen minute video of an interview between Bill Moyers and activist poet Martin Espada, about the power of poetry. Espada says, There’s something about poetry that saves me. There’s something about poetry that energizes me, that brings me to another plane. take the time and enjoy.

My computer seems to be having fits so I’ll get this out now. I will see you tomorrow for the week’s roundup of prompts; Tuesday to get your metaphor on with a prompt; and next Thursday for more links and things.

Happy writing, all.

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