Friday Freeforall: Poetry Prompts to Tempt You

20 May

8:55 a.m. — Atlanta

Hello, all. Ready for the weekend? I know I am. Let’s see what we have to take into the weekend with us and keep us writing.

We start with Donna’s Poetry Tow Truck and an even more intriguing invitation to play, than her already intriguing prompts. Donna says: So, in a twisted marriage of something I love with something I used to despise, today’s prompt asks you to use the periodic table to write a poem with a little romance. I dare you to resist visiting the tow truck to find out what that is about. And, she offers two options.

We sail to Writer’s Island next where they start with: Whether we are or are not personally superstitious, we probably each know the typically accepted list of bad omens — black cats, walking under ladders, opening umbrellas indoors, broken mirrors, spilled salt, etc. So today let’s write from the perspective of one of these heralds of bad fortune. Then there is a So and a Perhaps. Beach your boat and disembark for long enough to read the rest of the prompt.

The next site is a new entrant to my collection: a wordling whirl of Sundays. Visit them to see their wordle and to read up on how they work, if you wish to post responses. Otherwise, enjoy a weekly wordle, the words of which, come from responses to the previous week’s wordle. Fun!

The line chosen by Carry on Tuesday is : After all, tomorrow is another day, from Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind. Go to the site for a link to the movie trailer.

Sunday Scribblings offers an interesting word: surrender. They offer another possibility for meaning than the one associated with the word most often, so take a quick look in. Our other single word site, One Single Impression, offers us exhibition.

At Scribble & Scatter’s ‘Sunday Snaps’ Susan May James has two photographs ready for you to look at. If you use one, consider submitting your creation to ‘Sunday Snaps: the Stories‘  a collection of 52 photos and stories/poems.

Our second new entrant is a limerick site. Whether you like to read them or want to try writing one, this is the place to play. So go to Mad Kane’s Humor Blog for her Limerick-off Mondays.

Jingle Poetry’s ‘Monday Potluck’ offers us Fortresses, Castles, Palaces and Royal Houses for this week and next week they want us to look at Sketches, Images, and Impressions. Remember to pop by and watch the video with which they accompany their prompt.

If you read my blog you are probably a book person, so stop by Magpie Tales to gaze fondly at their photograph and to see if your brain starts kicking out ideas in response.

The three words this week for Three Word Wednesday are damp, incensed and skid. As always, visit them for the definitions. They have a particularly good source.

Write a poem about how the universe began! That is how We Write Poems starts its prompt, so you know you want to find out how that turns out. Head on over. After I finish this and post it I am heading to Google to start researching!

This week we offer you the simplest most difficult nearly impossible a child can do it prompt. Yep! That’s all I am giving you of the Poets United ‘Thursday Think Tank’ prompt. How can you not go see what that is about?

For our last prompt we have a new offering from Scribble & Scatter: ‘Alpha to Omega Thursdays‘. She started last week with alpha, so if this interests you head over and don’t fall behind. This week is the beta words for my ‘Alpha to Omega’ challenge are barbaros and bios.  Barbaros is ancient Greek for ‘non Greek speaker’ and is where the word barbarian stems from.  Bios means life and gives us words like biology and biography. Visit for the rest.

That should keep you entertained and writing. If you think anyone else would enjoy these, click on the buttons below.

I shall see you Tuesday for cinquain madness, Thursday for more words to avoid like the plague, and next Friday for more of the same. Happy writing, everyone.


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3 responses to “Friday Freeforall: Poetry Prompts to Tempt You

  1. anjum wasim dar

    20/05/2011 at 10:24 am

    so promptly comes Friday with all its wonderful prompts-

  2. Jixi Fox

    31/05/2011 at 4:39 am


    • margo roby

      31/05/2011 at 7:52 am

      Thanks for stopping by and the comment ,JF.


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