Friday Freeforall: This Week’s Roundups

29 Apr

8:54 am — Atlanta

Hello everyone. Anyone else get up/stay up to watch the wedding? I feel like I’ve already put in a day. This will be the last abbreviated Friday list, as tomorrow is the last day of NaPoWriMo. I can hear the sighs of relief. I can feel the burned out brains. Did I take part? No. I’m afraid my brain shuts down at the thought. Now, put me in a room with someone who says: “Do this exercise. You have nine minutes,” And I’m there.

I see the Poetry Tow Truck is running, so stop off and try writing a poem where you talk to something (or someone) who is incapable of talking back. Head to the site, both for the rest of the prompt, as well as Donna’s poem in response.

This will be the last week for the Big Tent to give us seven prompts. Here are a few: 1. Write a poem about things in mason jars. 4. Write a poem about what’s at the center. 5. Write a poem about floating. Go to the circus for the other four prompts.

The prompt starts: What are the limits, fences, boundaries you choose to stay behind? Visit We Write Poems to read their suggestions for possible directions.

At Poets United, The Thursday Think Tank asks us to take on monsters: Monsters come in many shapes, forms and oddities. We each have our own fears and monsters. They range from the fairy tale trolls to real tragedies that have affected are lives. Some of us are even our own personal monsters. Go to the site to read the complete prompt. This one intrigues me. I remember my childhood monsters. Come to think of it, my adult ones are similar. Hmmm.

And, that, dear readers, will do us for this week. Tomorrow I will draw the winner for my Big Poetry Giveaway; Monday I will announce the winners in a short post; Tuesday we will learn about ballads; and Thursday I will offer some websites worth visiting.

If you know anyone who would be interested in, or enjoy, any of this, please click one of the buttons below.Have a wonderful weekend and happy writing.

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