Friday Freeforall: Prompts Roundup

22 Apr

8:23 am — Atlanta

Hello everyone. I shall try and keep this abbreviated as, not only are people participating in the poem a day, but Passover and Easter share this week and many of you have been, or will be, traveling, or otherwise busy with family.

A reminder that there is only one more week to enter for the big poetry giveaway. Donna Vorreyer has a complete list of participants. If you have not checked it out yet, do so. You might win a book of poetry and it gets sent to you: Free book, no mailing fees. What can be better?

No Poetry Tow Truck this week, but Donna does have a prompt for one of her NaPoWriMo days that she got from Marty McConnell who references it in an interview in Muzzle Magazine. If you go to Donna’s blog you can get the link to the interview and you can see Donna’s poem as a result of this prompt.

Prompt: (stanza 1) tell us what you are not; (stanza 2) say where the light comes from; (stanza 3) give three details about the hardest year of your life; (stanza 4) tell a lie about who you are; (stanza 5) tell us something you remember involving light; (stanza 6) share a good memory; (stanza 7) admit to the lie; (stanza eight) describe an object that exemplifies who/what you are.

In the Big Tent we have a selection as they are participating in NaPoWriMo: 1. Write a poem about escape. 2. Write a poem that uses a pearl of wisdom, or wives tale, as its title. 4. Write a poem in which you have to repeat yourself. I have given you three of the seven, so grab a ticket and head over to the Big Tent for the others.

The prompt for We Write Poems starts: The dynamics of complementary opposites is the very essence of creation. Thus, yin (moon, dark, feminine) must be complemented by yang (sun, light, masculine). With this most elementary pairing, comes life and rebirth. You know you want to see what We Write Poems wants us to do with this. Visit them and find out.

There: I managed to keep it short. Wonder of wonders! I will see you back here Tuesday when we will tackle ballads; and Thursday for more of the words to keep out of our lives. I shall be doing my own drawing of three winners for the big poetry giveaway, next weekend, and will announce the winners in a separate Monday blog. If you think of anyone who would enjoy this, feel free to click on buttons below. Have a good weekend and happy writing.

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