Friday Freeforall: Come and Get ’em

11 Mar

10:01 am, Friday — Atlanta

Welcome to the end of another week. I missed being able to post my Tuesday and Thursday posts, but the Internet was not reliable where we were. Just returned last night, so if I am slightly incoherent, or forget to link sites, or miss a typo, forgive me. It is quite likely to happen.

Remember that Tuesday is Part 2 of dialogue poems and next Thursday is Verbs — vital to any kind of writing.

Okay, we’re off, starting with the Poetry Tow Truck. Donna asks us to focus on something we are all familiar with: books. She asks us to choose one book.The book itself is your prompt. This could mean the words found on its pages, but it could also mean any of the following:

  1. The cover (image or leather or embossed)
  2. The front pages (cities, dates, other titles by the author.)
  3. Illustrations (including author photos, center inserts, etc.)
  4. Table of Contents/Index/Appendices
  5. Marginalia, bookstore markings.

Now go over and read the rest of the prompt for what she suggests and what she has done.

Next, we sail off to Writer’s Island. They start us with our one word prompt sites for the week and the word is secret. But sail over to see the illustration that prompted the word. Sunday Scribblings gives us raw. Plenty of directions you can go with that. It’s a word worth looking up, even though you know the meaning. One Single Impression gives us accidental to work from. Finally, visit Three Word Wednesday for their three words plus definitions.

We have the closing line from the movie The Glass Menagerie for our Carry On Tuesday prompt: And that is how I remember them. It would make a good opening or closing line for a poem, or even repeated throughout. For more on the play and the author, visit the site.

Scribble & Scatter has one snapshot up for a starting point. Remember that Susan takes submissions of poetry for possible inclusion in her second volume of Sunday Snaps: The Stories.

I find myself smiling when I reach Big Tent. Their prompts are such fun and offer so many possible paths. This week’s starts: I love science poems. And I bet you too, even if you don’t think you like science. The subject is full of strange details and ideas that beg to be written about. Now visit the circus to find out what’s next.

The week’s theme for Jingle Poetry is Idols, Role models and Mentors. Pop over to their site for the video accompaniment. Next week’s will be: Food, Drink and Indulgences.

Fond of garlic? Visit Magpie Tales for their weekly photograph. You can write an ode to garlic, or let it take you into fantasy. Can’t go wrong with cloves of garlic.

Visit ABC Wednesday if you are a fan of their alliterative prompts [“Relax, have a highball, and hallelujah! you will cry as ideas hail you from the hallways of your mind.” And that is just part of the alliterative message.], or like the idea of a prompt which is a single letter of the alphabet, or, this week as a bonus, to listen to a discussion on which pronunciation of the letter H, by the British, is correct.

Over at We Write Poems, they are asking us to consider those times when the muse has deserted us, when we have nothing about which to write…go on over and read their prompt to see if having nothing to write about sparks something.

Poets United Thursday Think Tank wants to know about the ghosts in our lives, real or figurative. Visit them to read more.

Enough? Certainly a variety of ideas for us to work with. I am intrigued by the ghosts, and maybe the science poem, and I have to hand a novel by Twain, a copy published in 1899 and hand-stamped by him…happy writing and happy weekend. I will see you Tuesday.


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