Friday Freeforall: Come on in and Write

04 Mar

9:23, Friday — Atlanta

I felt such a sense of accomplishment when I posted my response to Big Tent’s prompt, earlier this morning, I almost forgot I still had my regular post to write. So here we are again, with another week’s worth of starters.

On Poetry Tow Truck, Donna says: It’s that time again – time to use the work of other writers for our own purposes. As always, she has an interesting twist to it and I shall be looking for couplets this weekend. I am always running behind on prompts.

Out to Writer’s Island [I always feel as if I am physically shifting there], where they are asking us to improvise. Sail on over to read what they say.

I am glad to hear that Carry On Tuesday will continue, at least for a little while longer, thanks to the support he received when he said he might have to close down. His apt phrase for the week is :Saved by the bell. Head to the site to read the theories on the origins of the phrase.

The one word prompts are found at Sunday Scribblings where we are asked to consider fire;the word at One Single Impression is accidental — they have their calendar of words up for the next few months, if you like to look ahead. And they like us to contribute to the prompts, so go on over and read their About section. And, finally, Three Word Wednesday have their three words and definitions ready for you.

For one of our photo prompt sites, visit Scribble & Scatter. This comes with a bonus, as Susan May James offers the chance to submit poems written to specific snaps, for possible inclusion in a book.

The Big Tent prompt, to which I allude at the beginning, is a Wordle with a twist. Enter the Big Tent to find out the source of the words, plus the three phrases which are included as an extra challenge.

Visit Jingle Poetry to watch their weekly video and have fun with Cartoons, Sci-fi and Super Powers. Next week we will be asked to consider Idols, Role models and Mentors [American Idol, anyone?].

If you have not visited Magpie Tales new look, go on over. And, the photo this week begs for parody. Think knives, lemons, blood…how can you not go look?

If you enjoy alliteration, go to ABC Wednesday and check out their introduction for the letter G.

If you like a bit of interactive fun with your prompt, visit We Write Poems [where I am going right after this]. They ask us to listen to the words of a specified song and to make our own Wordle, or word list, from it. From our chosen words, we will write a poem.

The Thursday Think Tank at Poets United asks us to consider quotations. Head over to read what they say about them and to find out what to do.

And, that’s the roundup for this week. Come back Tuesday for more on dialogue poems, and Thursday, for final words on parts of speech.


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3 responses to “Friday Freeforall: Come on in and Write

  1. Isabella Louise Anderson

    04/03/2011 at 10:35 am

    Great blog post! Thanks for sharing!

    • margo roby

      04/03/2011 at 10:59 am

      Thank you. It’s my pleasure. I would invite you back Tuesdays and Thursdays, but your focus seems to be narrative [although you are welcome anyway]. Good luck with the book.


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