Friday Freeforall: The Usual Suspects and Two Newcomers

18 Feb

7:33 am, Friday – Atlanta

And thank goodness. Has it seemed to anyone else that it should have been Friday three days ago? Okay, here we go. You will notice a common theme as it is Valentine’s week.

First, The Poetry Tow Truck offers three options. One asks you to write a  love poem that uses traditional images  in completely, unique and different ways and offers an e. e. cummings’ line as an example. One is to write an anti-love poem and provides a link to Shakespeare’s famous sonnet that does just that to ultimately show the speaker’s love. The site is worth a stop just to read a poem Donna has up that she wrote and is using as an example for the third option.

Over at Writer’s Island they ask us to let the word epiphany spark your muse and provide a photograph and definition to help us.

The opening line of a love poem by Cortney Kuchta, “One Wish” is given to us by Carry on Tuesday. To see the line and read the whole poem, drop in on the site.

The single word prompts are up:  Sunday Scribblings [who have an intriguing phrase instead of a word for us this week]; One Single Impression has artwork and a poem with their word; and Three Word Wednesday has their words + definitions

I have included Susan May James’ Sunday Snaps.  She posts a new photograph every week and I know many people work well off visual prompts.

At The Big Tent they are suggesting:  One thing you may or may not have considered is the title. What title best summarizes your work? Is it the title of a specific poem? A theme found in your work? Something completely and totally random? Visit the circus to read the rest of the prompt.

The Jingle Poetry folks ask where we are headed with our Aims, Goals and Ambitions and have provided us with accompanying inspirational video. Looking towards next week, we are being asked to consider Love, Bonds and Relationships.

Using a prompt that I ask my readers to make a part of their daily lives, Poets & Writers says:  For one week, collect words and phrases you encounter throughout the day from signs, advertisements, menus, overheard conversations, radio programs, headlines, television.  Now visit them to see what they suggest.

The photograph at Magpie Tales, as always, is interesting. Because of the angle there are off-beat possibilities for an ordinary object. If you try this one, you might freewrite first.


The second newcomer is ABC Wednesday who have an original prompt. Each week is a different letter of the alphabet. They start their prompt this week with: “ABC Wednesday is an EXALTED ENTITY.” You might visit and read what some of their legion of contributors do with the prompt.


How many of you have what I call my nest? We Write Poems starts with: This week’s prompt is about finding, making, defining what is a safe place. They go on to talk more about the concept and offer a couple of possible directions.

As this is the third Thursday in the month, Poets United has a video prompt. In their discussion of it they ask us to find a quiet moment too and listen and watch the Lilies of the Field clip “Amen”.  Let it take you somewhere you may have never been before and let it inspire your inner poet. They go on to make a couple of suggestions as to paths we might go down.

And finally, at Magic in  the Backyard, Freewrite Friday presents an illustration and a brief prompt and suggests freewriting to it. No pressure for a poem, unless, of course, it works that way.

I hope everyone has a restful, or playful, weekend and that some writing happens. See you on Tuesday for creative writing.


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