Friday Freeforall: It Has Been That Kind of Week

11 Feb

8:09 am, Friday, 11 February, 2011 – Atlanta

I feel like I have been through a month this week. Am glad to have reached Friday in one piece.

We start with Donna Vorreyer’s Poetry Tow Truck. I know I keep saying her prompts are fun but…her prompts are fun. In part, Donna says: Today’s exercise leans on some of our most prized possessions to help us draft. Take a look at your bookshelf (or the stack next to your bed…or next to your couch…you get the idea). Write down six to ten titles. Go to the tow truck to learn more.

Next, we drop by Writer’s Island where they wish us to “beguile the time” [Macbeth]. Look up beguile. It has some interesting definitions to play with. The Island lists a few.

This week, Carry on Tuesday features a quote from pianist Arthur Rubinstein. To read the line and to hear some music, stop by.

At Sunday Scribblings, we have more than a one word prompt this week: I know we’ve had “Bedtime Stories” before, but this is an altogether more grown-up prompt. Intrigued? Go over and see the rest of the prompt.

One Single Impression offers a single word prompt accompanied by a photograph and an allusion to Matthew 11:28-30.

I always head for Big Tent with a lift of the heart. There is something about a circus…They start their prompt with: Got the blues? I do. And I can’t stop whining about it. Winter has me down, baby. Really down. Are you blue about anything? It doesn’t have to be winter (some of you live where it’s summer now). It can be anything. Now go to the circus for the rest of the prompt.

Our colourful Jingle Poetry offers us Aims, Goals and Ambitions with accompanying video for inspiration in their Poetry Potluck. Next week: Love, Bonds and Relationships!

Over at Poets & Writers they have an interesting prompt. That’s all I am going to say. You will have to go there to see it. It’s tricky but if you have the right poem could be fun.

There is a particularly evocative photograph on Magpie Tales. The colours, the winter scene, and the house looking deserted…

Three Word Wednesday has their three words and definitions. I am almost more intrigued with working a poem from the definitions they give us each week, than the words themselves.

And, definitely head over to We Write Poems because they have a personal challenge this week. At first I thought, Well, not for me…too difficult. But the prompt has been working on me and I may give it a go. They start with : Happy Valentines! Out of the fire and into the frying pan! We’ll let you write whatever valentines to your sweethearts as you wish. What we’re asking this week is that you write a valentine message to yourself! How can you not go look at the rest?

The Thursday Think Tank at Poets United ends their prompt with : Take a little time and think about what the shadows around you represent. Look at your surroundings and see what shadows inspire in your imagination. They also have three photographs and a quote from Elie Wiesel to spark our thinking.

And our anchor site One Stop Poetry. They offer plenty of inspiration in a variety of forms, but I still have a hard time navigating around. They have a seemingly nifty feature where you can hover your mouse over Features and Articles, but when I clicked on one it took me to an About page, not the page itself. If one of my readers has cracked the code I would love to hear from them.

And, if you have not visited the new networking site for writers, Writing Our Way Home, come take a look. We are up to 220 members and counting. It’s quite an enterprise. My page [if you can see it without joining] is here.

Have a good weekend. Take time to write, or at least look at things with an eye to writing about them.



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