Friday Freeforall: Roundup

28 Jan

8:03 am, Friday, 28 January, 2011 – Atlanta

Hello! The end of the week already. I’m getting ready to wave goodbye to our first visitors and welcome the second set. Hosting is exhausting. Now to the roundup of exercises to inspire you, or for you to play with.

Over at Put Words Together. Make Meaning, Poetry Tow Truck prompt #4 is more of a mini-lesson and an important one. Donna says, in part: One of my biggest struggles is selecting titles for my poems. So today’s workshop in a box will focus on title-finding suggestions I have collected over the years from different teachers and workshops. Visit Donna to find out what she suggests.

A bonus on Donna’s site is her mention of a list of online print publications, by Diane Lockward. Between this list and the CRWROPPS resource I mentioned yesterday, noone should have trouble finding places to submit.

The folks on Writer’s Island ask us to consider the concept of clarity. Their prompt is accompanied by a striking photograph. Visit the island and feel for a moment you are out of the cold.

Visit Carry on Tuesday, which posts its prompt on Sunday but posts the poems on Tuesday, gives us the familiar phrase: “Are we there yet?” To watch a trailer from a Simpsons’ movie of the same name, go to their site for the link.

If you like single word prompts head to Sunday Scribblings and One Single Impression. Three Word Wednesday offers a twist by giving three words to be used together in a poem. This week they have added a twist to their twist by giving us three slang words, for which they provide a definition.

I always smile when I know I am going to The Big Tent. I enjoy the site, as well as their prompts. This week it’s all about point of view: This week dig up a portrait photograph – in your home, computer, or on the web – of someone you know or someone you don’t. The photo cannot be one that you took. Their prompts are small conversations with us, so visit to read the rest of the prompt.

And Jingle Poetry has us focusing on rules, regulations and laws, which allows for plenty of possibilities. They like to include a video to help the thought process get started. And, a flash forward to their next week’s topic which will be on peace, relaxation, and spirituality.

Poet’s & Writers has an intriguing prompt this week: Make a list of objects. One thing should be from your desk, one from your closet, one a body part, one a thing you covet that belongs to someone else, one enormous, one slippery, and at least one that makes an odd or evocative sound. Visit them for the whole prompt which should ensure some interesting results.


Magpie Tales has an odd photograph which can be dealt with literally, or abstractly.

I love We Write Poems‘ prompt for the week, which asks: “Have you seen the movie? A Bucket List is a list of all the things you have wanted to do, see, and experience, that you have not yet done in your life. So, step one, make a list. Then choose one or two, or maybe more, of these items from your list and create a poem about those adventures.” For the complete prompt wend your way over.

Poets United The Thursday Think Tank focuses on fire, which can be as simple or complex as you want to make it. Go to their site for more on the prompt.

And finally, go to One Stop Poetry and explore because they offer so much and have prompts on a couple of different days. They may focus on music, a photograph, an idea, but they have a lot to delve into.

That does it for this week. Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you Tuesday for more work with metaphors. This time we will play.



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2 responses to “Friday Freeforall: Roundup

  1. 1sojournal

    28/01/2011 at 10:50 am

    Thanks so much for the link. What a wonderful gift of resources for publication. And a few new ideas of sites I have yet to visit.


  2. margo roby

    28/01/2011 at 10:57 am

    You are welcome and it is my pleasure, Elizabeth.


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