Friday Freeforall: Roundup

14 Jan

8:50 am, Friday, 14 January, 2011 – Atlanta

Snow weeks make for long weeks. If you are still snowed in, or rained in, this group of prompts and exercises will keep you busy and off the streets! As always, visit the sites, as I give you the bare bones of what is on offer. The sites give you the whole body [sorry – had to keep with the metaphor].

Over at Writer’s Island they want us to find our Destiny.


Donna Vorreyer’s Poetry Tow Truck 2 has another fun exercise, to do with colours. She says, in part: Now, I know that many of you purists out there don’t watch television – some of you don’t even own one! But most television shows work hard to be visually appealing, and writers can always exercise their observation skills. For those of you, like me, who like an exercise laid out, Donna explains and gives an example.

Sunday Scribblings wants us to take on a walk in the park, but not necessarily a literal walk.

Carry on Tuesday‘s quote this week is a line from Tupac Shakur. In addition to their suggestions, you can also try the Poetry Tow Truck’s prompt 1.

If you like single word prompts without leading questions bounce over to One Single Impression, or Three Word Wednesday.

Big Tent has another creative prompt and while today is posting day, if you haven’t seen the prompt, it’s worth trying. Their exercise is in two parts and here is some of what they tell us for the first part: Ask your friend alliteration to help you write a word list. Pick one letter of the alphabet and set down a bunch of words (at least 8 or 9) that begin with your chosen letter. (Hint: When you pick your letter consider the energy in its sound. Do you want to work with a clipped and energetic c or k? How about a playful p? Is soothing or melodic on your mind, or would you like to point it in that direction? Try the singable consonants m or n. Do you want to howl or moan? O and a might be your friend this week.)

I always get lost on Jingle Poetry‘s site but I think I have the correct link. They have the past and future prompt together. Their prompt for the past week is to do with journeys and the routes we choose. The prompt for the next few days is: Languages, Signs, and Symbols. The link for posting goes up on Sundays.

Poets & Writers has a fun exercise if you haven’t done an erasure poem before. Go on over to their site to read the directions.

I love Magpie Tales image which is a piece of sheet music. If images sometimes don’t work for you, try freewriting the image for a while and see what happens.


One Stop Poetry, where you never know what you will find and so is worth visiting every day, has a musical prompt today. I offered an exercise like this last month; if you go here, you can check it out. Then try Brian Miller’s piece at One Stop. On Monday One Stop will be talking about a poetic form, so stop by then. The past two weeks they have dealt with haiku.


We Write Poems asks us:  to write a poem that is a conversation between two people. It can be imaginary, or one based on an actual experience. Read the whole prompt on their site. This one can be fun.

Poets United wants us to: step outside the normal pursuit of poetry and use a random piece of art found at deviantArt. Read the whole prompt, as they do have an interesting caveat.

If you still haven’t thrown a stone in the river, I encourage you to do so. It doesn’t matter that you have missed a few. I have found the routine of a small stone is invaluable.

And that does us for this week. May your weekend be fruitful in some way. If it involves words and writing them down, that’s a bonus.  If you are here for the first time you can also visit this site for this week’s exercise. I will see you on Tuesday for our next foray into writing.



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