Tuesday Tryouts: Colour

14 Dec

10:30 am, Tuesday, 14 December, 2010 – Atlanta

“Painting is silent poetry, poetry is eloquent painting.”    Simonides

Colour is, perhaps, the most evocative of sensory imagery. Mention a colour and bang! it’s there in a reader’s mind. Now, what they associate with that colour might be a whole other thing.

Point of interest: Flowers are the colours they cannot absorb, the one shade of the spectrum they reject.

Make two lists: one of colours that attract you, and one of colours that repel you.

For each colour, write what you associate with that colour.

Approach each colour from your other senses; how do these colours sound, smell, taste, and what is their texture? Jot notes for a few minutes.

Which images that emerge can you use in a current piece?
Begin with the word colour and freewrite on it for several minutes;
Write a poem or short piece in which every line or sentence mentions the same or a different colour;

by findstuff22

Take off in your own direction, but colour must be involved somehow.
list everything you associate with one colour, say red:

crimson – blood metallic tide blush
vermilion – fire heat paint thick smooth
scarlet – chilis, lining of a cape, blaze
brick – rough, earthy cool hard
red – crayon lipstick cherry cinnamon
burgundy  – wine full rich


by dackstrusgirl

From there, follow the words.


If you achieve a poem, post it in comments, or link me to your blog.

See you tomorrow.


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