Wednesday Writing: Sound Off, Part 2

08 Dec

11:04 am, Wednesday, 7 December, 2010 – Atlanta

I am trying an experiment today, so if it doesn’t work, please let me know. As it involves tech, there is every chance.

I spoke of sound as inspiration. More specifically, music. This is an exercise that, if you like it, you can go to town finding your own music. The only rule: no words. That’s where you come in. I suggest pieces roughly four minutes long;  if you have a longer piece set a timer, or if you have been grabbed by inspiration, write on. This is a slightly different take on a freewrite. Like freewriting, you are not worrying about form, or grammar, or sense. You may find a story as you write. I often write scenes my mind sees when listening to a piece, but if what you get is a collection of lines, or images, that’s wonderful. More resources for your pool.

Get your pen and paper ready. Start the music and start writing. Do not stop. What do you hear, see, smell, taste, feel in the music? If you need to keep writing after the music stops, do so. If a piece doesn’t work for you, I have included a couple, but you can go ahead and find your own piece of music. Try for different tempos and types.

Enjoy and if you get a poem from one of these I would love to see it. Paste it into comments or give me a link. Tomorrow: some thoughts…

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