Wednesday Wordling

24 Nov

11:23 am, Wednesday, 24 November, 2010 – Atlanta

I found just how technologically challenged I am. I spent the last hour fighting with Wordle, in order to bring you a list of words in a fun form. In the future you may just get a list. For those of you who are playing with imagery, and are wondering what to do with your images, you may need a little boost with a framework of words. And those who are whipping out poems from their imagery can play too. Forgive me for not presenting you with a clean, pretty Wordle form. I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

As always, you may use some or all of the words. And, you don’t have to link them to your imagery in any way. If you like wordling, check out Big Tent who have a Wordle prompt this week, or make one yourself. If you have never wordled, you can insert any text. I got these words from a few lines of one of Whitman’s poems. I copied and pasted a few lines into a text document and, in order to make some of the words more prominent, I repeated a few of them a random number of times, before copying and pasting into a Wordle form.

Something interesting to check out is Confident Writing. Joanna Paterson, who runs it, has instituted a studio space. It is a paid membership, but worth reading about. The idea is intriguing. She says it is:

  • A place where you can share ideas, work-in-progress, and new material within the confines of a small, supportive group (max 30) before you’re ready to share with a wider world
  • The opportunity to get encouragement and support, plus feedback at the points where you need it
  • A network of other creative pioneers to learn from and with, and to help promote each others’ work
  • A chance to explore some of the specifics around creating on the web: either technical issues you’re facing (or have cracked), or dealing with the good (and not so good) of social media as a means to promote your work
  • The opportunity to bounce ideas off me (unlimited email support while you’re a member of the studio)

Happy poeming. I may go in search of a Thanksgiving poem for tomorrow. Whether or not everyone celebrates the day, I figure we are all thankful for something. Friday, if my brain is up to it, some basic mantras for writing.

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