Monday Maybes

01 Nov

1:19, Monday, 1 November, 2010 – Atlanta

I have a series of exercises to help you find a poem, from word association to a true found poem. It’s scary to look at a blank piece of paper and come up with an idea, never mind write a poem about it,  so the first several prompts and exercises will tell you what to do. We aren’t worrying about results so much as getting used to writing and moving the mind into a habit of seeing everything around you as a poem possibility.

Word Triggers

Write the very first word that comes into your head, then the word that follows in your thoughts, then the next, until you have a list of six to eight words. Do not stop to think about the sense of the words that come into your mind. Do not censor yourself. Some of the best poetry comes from happy accidents of thought, except with the way our brains work there are no real accidents. We may not be able to figure out the association, but our brain has a reason for its choices. You write. leave the brain to do its thing.

Then write a poem using the first word in the first line, the second word in the second line, and so on. Here is my list and what happened when I placed each word into a line.










The crimson paper folded 

in tangents

angles and creases


creating animals to match

the crimson tunnel

full of minotaurs in my mind

where I follow the string

through a maze of dreams.

Does it make complete sense? Maybe. But I’m not worried about it. I enjoyed the exercise and I love the images.

Short blog today. It’s Monday: housework day.

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