Submission Adrenaline

20 Oct

Wednesday,  2:20 pm, 20 October, 2010 – Atlanta

There is nothing quite like getting caught up in the rush of prepping poems for submission. When I’m in the throes, everything goes by the wayside. The vacuuming I meant to do two days ago? Not done. The research on Google to find a good pizza with tomato sauce in Atlanta? Still waiting. The mail? Filling up the box.

Yesterday I submitted a poem to A Writer’s Digest poetic form challenge I used to be afraid of structured form. My first few years of writing poetry were free verse. Then I tried my first pantoum and I was hooked. While I still write free verse as my default style, I love playing with a structured form. The poetic form challenge asked us to write in a form I hadn’t come across before: a cascade poem, where each line of the first stanza becomes the last line of subsequent stanzas: first line–>last line second stanza; second line–>last line second stanza; third line–>last line third stanza. Number of stanzas depends on how many lines are in the first stanza.

Today I decided to submit poems to Referential Magazine Usually they want poems that refer, in some way, to other things they have published, but a couple of times a year they have an open submission featuring a genre. This month poetry is featured. I would like to try the referring aspect but that will take some reading on my part and can happen any time.

It has been a long time since I submitted my work. It feels good to be back in the game.

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