Going to work on my writing…

19 Oct

2:45 pm, Tuesday, 19 October, 2010

I was planning to vacuum today but got caught in Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides Writer’s Digest Poetic Forms Challenge:  I had planned to investigate the possibility of a poem and had checked out the form on Robert’s website, yesterday. This morning I copied the form into my notebook and then, in between my morning routines, I thought about poem possibilities. My pauses between routines grew longer until I found myself working on a poem. Usually I get an idea, it germinates, it marinates, and eventually I put pen to paper, but sometimes a poem is there and that’s what happened today. I had an old poem that provided a start, a base and there it was: Masked. I went to the website and copied the poem into the comments section and hoped I was doing it correctly.

Missing out on the last several years has left me with a steep learning curve with today’s publishing scene. And, that is why I can’t put the poem in my blog, because there seems to be no hard and fast rule re poems in blogs and whether that counts as published or not. If I were to make an analogy to the pen and paper days, I would say word processing a poem and placing it in a personal blog and letting people see and comment on a poem isn’t much different then writing it on paper and showing a few people for critiquing purposes. I may or may not like the hard and fast rule, but I would rather have one than not.

I also have a question as to whether I can place someone else’s poem in my blog because I like it, just as I would have copied it down in the older days. I noticed that Jessie Carty places links to poems, in her blog, but the effect is different from having the poem there immediately, but that could be because I am unused to it. I suspect I can copy older poems but contemporary poems may be different. I shall have to ask one of my poet/editor bloggers.


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One response to “Going to work on my writing…

  1. amkuska

    19/10/2010 at 7:42 pm

    If you would be so kind, could you drop a link off of this post in the comments of my blog? I really want to bookmark this, but am in hawaii and don’t have my computer. Thank you.


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