PoMoSco Day 24

We’re coming down to the wire; less than a week to go. This prompt gave me angst for a while because I didn’t know what, exactly, we were supposed to do. Then, someone did their poem early. I had a blast. Instructions: Approach a text with a plan to remove something. Think beyond just a single word and instead consider removing references to a subject or emotion, actions taken by certain characters, colours… Apply your approach and, keeping as much of the remaining text intact as possible, create your poem from results.

I couldn’t figure things out from that, but the poem I saw removed parts of speech. Ohhhhh! I can do that: If Lonely. Be sure and read the process notes to see the variety of methods writers employed.

Other best laid plans:

Misky: Lost Torches

Barbara C: Imagine

Laurie Kolp: looks like birth

Rebecca Siegel: Cyclone

Massimo Soranzio: I

Richard Walker: look

Enjoy. From now on, you’ll probably not see a new name, as I know whom I will go to, by now. I’ll still check, when a title is hard to resist. Tomorrow’s prompt is another where our poems rely on the words of people we talked with, or listened to.


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PoMoSco Day 23

Today’s is an interesting exercise. Jenni & Co. wanted to be sure we are familiar with online erasing tools (I hear the groans, those who know me and tech). I did it the hard way because the directions were the simplest. Instructions:

Open your source text in Photoshop — when you do so, it automatically opens the image in its own layer. Add a new layer on top of your source text. Select the brush tool and choose a colour swatch of your choice. You can use the eyedropper tool to select the colour of your page background (for a true erasure look), or select another colour of your choice. Paint over your source text, obscuring lines until only the words of your erasure poem remain.

For a video tutorial, watch Jenni B. Baker’s 8-minute demonstration of how she creates erasure poems for her Erasing Infinite project (well worth a watch if you want to try erasure poetry).

Save your completed work as an image file (JPG or PNG preferred) and upload it to the site.

After I received a translation of what I was to do, I ended up with: Once Then Nothing.

Other erasures:

james w. moore: never burn out

Barbara C: without surrender

Annie Razz: Poet Tree

Richard Walker: Grade 5

Misky: Two Cocks

Rebecca Siegel: Last Expedition

Vinita Agrawal: Centuries

Marsha Schuh: Chiarascuro

What? I know, but they’re short. Okay, Richard’s is not short (or long), but it is fun. Just a couple more.

Jamison Crabtree: ashes on cream

Angela K. Brown: Articulate Word

There is a wide assortment of the type of thing that can be done. Enjoy. See you tomorrow for a prompt I dreaded that turns out to be one of my favourite ways to play.


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PoMoSco Day 22

Hello. I am missing our usual routine on Wordgathering and missing the chat with the usual people. May is coming with a return to the regular schedule!

Instructions: Choose a phone number — can be made up. Write out the full number (including any area codes) as a series of digits without dashes or parentheses. Decide what your numbers will correspond to — words, sentences or pages. If your first number is two (2), you could grab the second word on a page, the second sentence on a page, or the second page in the book. Do this for each digit. You can cycle through the phone number series multiple times to generate enough text for your poem.

Mine: Living on a Dragon.

Other dialed in poems:

Misky: It Melted to Wax

Barbara C: Before the Battle

Richard Walker: setting

Doug Luman: Audubon Field Report: Chordeiles Minor

Lori Brack: parable

Short and sweet. Enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow for a prompt I found difficult to carry out, but love the result.


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PoMoSco Day 21

Snarl… not really, but I will be glad to get some of my days back. Today’s instructions: Select a source text . Copy down all of the questions it contains. Create a poem made up of a series of questions from your list. Working with a digital text? Press CTRL+F on a PC or COMMAND+F on a Mac, then search for the “?” character (no quotes). Alternately, use FPR Book Reviews Editor Doug Luman’s “Questions” tool. Select “Questions” from the drop-down list, paste your source text into the box, then press the “Run” button.

Can you imagine creating a poem that works, but only uses questions? My questions come from a book of questions and I enjoyed drawing out the ones I wanted to use: What Tree is Cut During Moonlight?

Other questions:

james moore: hadn’t you rather

Rebecca Siegel: What I Really Want to Know is This

Zann Carter: What Have You Done With It?

Nancy Chen Long: Let Me Ask You This

J.Lynn Sheridan: Two Novices in a Boat

Misky: Are Those Shadows Me?

Barbara C:

Richard Walker: Won’t You Be Scared?

Doug Luman: Burrowmaking

Alright, alright, I’ll stop, but there are so many I like, such cleverness and beauty. Enjoy and I will see you tomorrow.

One more from someone who occasionally shadows us: de’s Won’t you have a sip of ocean?


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PoMoSco Day 20

Twenty down, ten to go. I am pretty sure I do not have ten poems sitting and waiting, so I need to get to work. Today’s instructions are the kind I like, as they offer almost total freedom to remix: Head to your local library or bookstore, making a note of things you see on your journey there — construction,  a used car dealership, a printing shop or a group of birds.

Make one of the things you saw your research topic and find five books. Compose a poem using only the words and phrases found on the first five pages of each text, excluding introductory matter.

I had a fairly wide assortment of texts, and had making sure I had at least one phrase from each book, in the poem. Having this slight constraint allows for using unusual, or unthought of descriptions: A Chorus Blooms.

Other journeys:

Doug Luman: Bear-Proof Fence

Misky: Ley Line Histories

Barbara C: Italian Haiku

Laurie Kolp: On Living Life

Richard Walker: pedal to the mettle

Vinita Agrawal: Blue Green

Enjoy and I will see you tomorrow for more.



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PoMoSco Day 19

I have to laugh at the poem I wrote for this prompt. The instructions are: Choose a television program, podcast, or movie of at least 30 minutes in length. Transcribe what you hear. You won’t be able to keep up, and that’s the point. When completed, create a poem out of your transcribed words. You can delete — but not reorder — your text.

The poem you will read leapt out almost immediately. I tried for days to make something else work: The Colour of Sapphires.

Other set pieces:

Barbara C: American Family

Misky: The Basics

Tara Miner: how the world ends

E. Kristin Anderson: Powerful and Undeniable

Richard Walker: with splayed legs

Just a few, today.Tomorrow’s… well, I don’t know. Show up and we’ll see. Enjoy.

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PoMoSco Day 18

I’m going to get up May 1st and not know what to do with myself, aren’t I? The instructions for today’s poem are simple: Find a two page spread, in a book or magazine, and pick words and phrases you like. Keep them in the order found and create a poem. As with so many found poems, the source text is crucial: Letting Go.

Other open books:

Lori Brack: An interior artifact

Zann Carter: And All the Spaces of Our Past

Barbara C: Amazon

Misky: A Stream of Sky

Doug Luman: Self-portrait of City in Death Mask

Mary Bast: A Handmade Card

Jen Karetnick: To Make Pies So That the Birds May Be Alive in Them

Richard Walker: boxes and holes

Have fun!


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