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Hello, all. No niceties. We’re late! We’re off!

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie  The prompt that caught my eye this week is Tale Weaver’s — the prompt involves documents of any sort and will work for regular and found poetry. Check out their other prompts for the week.

The Sunday Whirligig has our Wordle words ready.

 Pink.Girl.Ink. Stand by.

The Music In It: Adele Kenny’s Poetry Blog: Adele gives us a prompt that is particularly important to what we do. This week, she asks us to deal with last lines. She has many examples (There are a couple where I’m going to seek out the poem), and the tips and dos and don’ts that make her prompts mini-workshops. Head over.

Feeling blue? Need a laugh? Need warming up? You need to read a limerick or two. Make tracks to Mad Kane’s Humor Blog. Read several. They are in the comments so you don’t even have to leave the page. One advantage to writing a limerick is they are short. You can post them in comments on the blog, or on Mad Kane’s Facebook page. Go over and check it out — read several, write one.

Magpie Tales  Either people are slow in coming back from April, or they don’t know what to do with this photograph. Remember that you do not have to write about the whole, or write about the image directly. Head over.

At Poetry Jam, I have been denied access. If anyone knows if the site has gone private, let me know.


Found Poetry Review Recovering: Stand by.

Poets & Writers gives us three prompts every week. One for non-fiction, one for fiction, and one for poetry. My contention is that all the prompts work for poetry. They also all work for prose. This week’s topics are bard, found objects, and digital poetry. A whole little poem right there. Visit to find out what the prompts are about.

At imaginary garden with real toads grapeling offers a word list drawn from the works of Neruda. Go play with the toads.

At Poets United Midweek Motif Susan gives us honouring our elders as our motif. Visit to read the examples Susan has chosen.

At The Happy Amateur Sasha explains wikems. Stand by.

Over at dVerse Bjorn talks to us about metaphor and cliché. The post is a week ago, but the piece is worth a read, if you haven’t done so, so head to the bar. They have Moscow Mules this week.

That should keep you busy. I shall see you Tuesday for one of my prompts; Thursday for links and such; and Friday for the roundup of the week’s prompts.

Happy writing, everyone.