Tuesday Tryout: 8×10

11 Jan

9:32 am, Tuesday, 11 January, 2011 – Atlanta


Make three columns. In the first column jot down ten verbs whose SOUND you like; in the second column, list ten nouns whose SOUND you like; and in the third column list ten adjectives/adverbs whose SOUND you like. Circle FIVE words in each column. Do not worry about the words going together. That would be more restrictive than you might think. Then again, don’t worry if the words do go together.

Write a paragraph [or more] in which you include all fifteen words. This can be a freewrite to loosen you up, or if you already have an idea, follow it.

Create a ten line poem, with eight syllables in each line, and five rhymes. The rhymes may be end rhymes, slant rhymes or internal rhymes.

feast at least once
moose on the loose


RESONANCE    n, m, ng, z, zh        lingering,droning, vibrant effects

HARSHNESS    k, g, hard c        throaty sounds, for dissonance and cacophony

PLOSIVENESS    b, p, t, d, g, k,         percussive sounds

A nice, gentle structure, but enough to make you work at it. The trick is in not having the poem sound like it is bound by the structure, but to let the structure enhance the poem.

As always, I would love to see what you come up with. Post in comments or leave a link where the poem can be read.

I am taking a snow day tomorrow. My husband has had two snow days and I figure I deserve one! I also want to think about the evolution of this blog and make a few decisions. So, I will see you back here on Thursday for some thoughts on submissions.

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